Professional Conduct – Standard 3

Standard 3 – Treat others with respect

Treat everyone fairly with courtesy, politeness and respect and consider cultural sensitivities and business practices.

In practice this includes, but is not limited to, behaving as follows:

  • Always be courteous, polite and considerate to clients, colleagues and everyone else you come into contact with
  • Never discriminate against anyone for whatever reason. Always ensure that issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, size, religion, country of origin or disability have no place in the way you deal with other people or do business
  • As much as you are able, encourage the company or organisation you work for to put the fair and respectful treatment of staff and clients at the centre of its business culture

Some of the key questions that you could ask yourself include:

  • Would I allow my behaviour or the way I make my decisions to be publicly scrutinized? If not, why not? If so, what would the public think?
  • Are my personal feelings, views, prejudices or preferences influencing my professional decisions?
  • How would I feel if somebody treated me this way?
  • Do I treat each person as an individual?


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