Our Priorities


Our policy strategy aims to:

Speak on behalf of our members,
giving them a voice on policy issues

Raise the profile of the profession in policy
conversations and public awareness

Raise the profile of the Institute among policymakers,
influence policy decisions and ensure our work has impact

Increase understanding of the contributions forestry and arboriculture can make to the challenges that public policy seeks to solve


Our members would like the Institute to work with key decision makers to influence policy.
Some of the Institute’s core priorities in any developing policy or workstream are:

Current Areas of Focus

  • Our reps sit on groups, panels and committees across the sector, ensuring that the voice of our profession is heard where it is needed – more information
  • Reps also help us engage the wider membership in policy work and improve the two-way flow of information
  • We are looking for other groups we should be represented on and for members to tell us about policy developments affecting their work – get in touch
  • We are working with government to address the critical skills shortage in the sector
  • We are exploring funding options for proposals to upskill the sector across the UK and draw in new entrants
  • We are embedded in the work of the skills forums
  • We welcome the England Trees Action Plan and look forward to helping it deliver on its ambition – read our response here
  • We consulted extensively with members on the developing England Tree Strategy – read our response to the ETS consultation
  • We have active links with the England Tree Planting Programme across Defra and the Forestry Commission and are feeding in at various levels
  • We are developing a range of activities to support the ambitious programme and the incentives behind it

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