The Big Black Country i-Tree Project

The Black Country, an area within the West Midlands, has decided to focus on its green infrastructure, by taking a detailed look at the structure and composition of its urban forest. The study will provide valuable information about the trees that grow there: which species are resident, how sustainable the trees are, and what they […]

New software helps cities plant trees to improve air quality

Despite common misconceptions, street trees do not remove pollution from the atmosphere, but instead redistribute pollution by changing air currents within streets and beside open roads. The positioning and amount of planting on a certain street, but also the layout and orientation of that street, are critical to its impacts on local air quality. Researchers […]

Forestry and Land Scotland Launches New CivTech Challenge

Forestry and Land Scotland has launched an exciting funding opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and innovators. The challenge is to come up with ways to analyse and measure forest trees better. The main focus is on trying to understand the properties and quality of the timber in different areas of forest, so that those areas can […]

Nadina Galle Previews Her Presentation for Trees, People and the Built Environment 4

Hailing from evolutionary biology and earth sciences, Nadina now works at the nexus of cities, ecology, and technology. Ahead of Trees, People and the Built Environment 4, Nadina gives us a preview of her presentation, where she will be speaking with Sophie Nitoslawski from the University of British Columbia. #TheBigIdea and the next frontier in […]

Showing the way to tread the inventory path


KaarbonTech is a sponsor of the 2018 National Tree Officers Conference (NTOC).  KaarbonTech supply asset management solutions and surveying services to the local authority market. In fact, KaarbonTech systems manage approximately 33% of the local authority highway network for one or more asset. We are predominately involved in drainage, tree and grit bins and provide surveying […]

TreePans Protecting the UK’s Next Generation of Trees

TreePans is a sponsor of the 2017 National Tree Officers Conference (NTOC).  TreePans Director, Russell Horsey MICFor, reports on the upcoming conference and TreePans. TreePans “Protecting Trees, Protecting Our Future”. It was really positive to see the launch of the National Tree Officers Conference (NTOC) last year and TreePans were keen to support the second conference, […]