TreePans Protecting the UK’s Next Generation of Trees

TreePans is a sponsor of the 2017 National Tree Officers Conference (NTOC). 

TreePans Director, Russell Horsey MICFor, reports on the upcoming conference and TreePans.

TreePans “Protecting Trees, Protecting Our Future”.

It was really positive to see the launch of the National Tree Officers Conference (NTOC) last year and TreePans were keen to support the second conference, as NTOC is an ideal and affordable platform for Tree and Landscape Officers to keep in touch with their peers and also learn from other councils how they are looking to innovate.

It’s fair to say that Local Authorities are unlikely to be awash with fresh funds from Central Government over the next few years, so innovation will be key to allow towns and cities to keep planting trees and manage their existing tree stocks.

Tree planting in the urban environment has and will continue to be a struggle; TreePans recently launched an innovative American product in the UK to help new trees establish.

Having personally been involved in planting thousands of mature trees in the UK I know first-hand that funds for maintenance is always an ongoing struggle, alongside trying to stop younger trees being damaged by mowers and strimmers. A small family firm, TreePans has been designed to kill all grass and weeds under the Pan, which reduces competition for water and also stops the need to re-mulch year on year.

The innovative TreePans product is set into the ground, it prevents strimmers and mowers touching the main stem.  The Pan is designed to funnel any water towards the main rootball of the tree, and slow release watering trays can be added where required. The Pan is also designed so that once a tree has been established the Pan can be moved and reused on another newly planted tree.

TreePans are proud to support the National Tree Officers Conference and we hope with innovation like the TreePans more young trees will survive into maturity.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of TreePans and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Institute of Chartered Foresters. 

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