‘Welsh Government to be more Ambitious on Woodland Policy’

Wales Autumn

According to a National Assembly committee, the Welsh Government should urgently rethink its woodland strategy and aim to significantly increase planting rates.

A report calls on the Welsh Government to be more ambitious on woodland policy in Wales and address barriers to increasing planting.

The Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee launched their report (Branching out: a new ambition for woodland policies) at the Royal Welsh Show.


  • ‘The need for greater clarity on how to use trees as a nature-based solution to flooding.’
  • ‘That the Welsh Government commits to ensuring a minimum of 20 percent tree cover in Wales’ towns and cities by 2030, because of the substantial environmental, social, economic and health benefits they can bring.’
  • ‘The need to extend and better manage access to public woodlands, especially for marginalised groups.’
  • ‘The Welsh Government should consider developing a National Forest Company to help regenerate the south Wales valleys.’
  • ‘Agree ambitious targets with the forestry sector for Wales to become increasingly self-sufficient in timber.’

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