National Tree Improvement Strategy Launches

National Tree Improvement Strategy (NTIS)

The National Tree Improvement Strategy (NTIS) was launched at Future Trees Trust’s Annual Supporters’ Day in Cirencester. Future Trees Trust, Confor, the Forestry Commission and Forest Research are the founding members of the NTIS. You can download the NTIS document on the Future Trees Trust’s website.

The aim of the NTIS is to unite all with an interest in tree improvement under one umbrella organisation, to ensure that conifer and broadleaved tree improvement moves forward with less dependence on public sector funding.

ICF is represented on the NTIS Steering Group by President David Edwards FICFor.

Andrew Heald MICFor, Technical Director at Confor, states:

“The National Tree Improvement Strategy is vital to help bring the industry, researchers and non-government organisations together, and tackle the future challenges we all face. Trees are not just essential to produce the timber which we all use, but by breeding and developing better trees we can try to ensure that our countryside is more resilient to climate change, pests and diseases.”

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