The Institute Interviews, Forestry Award Winner, Reginald Eddy

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Reginald Eddy

The Institute interviews Reginald Eddy on winning the 2017 Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award. Reginald’s placement is with 2017 Award Programme employer AT Coombes Associates Ltd. He is a member of the Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut forestier du Canada (CIF/IFC).

Why did you apply for the award?

After hearing about The Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award, I decided that this was an amazing opportunity that I could not miss! The main reason I applied for the award was to enhance my career and take on a new challenge and role within the industry.  This is an excellent opportunity to create an international professional network.

What has changed since you were given the award?

Since I was given the award, even though it has only been a short space of time, I have grown as an individual and an arboriculturist. I’ve recently completed my diploma as an Urban Forestry Technician at Fleming College and I am now preparing for my bachelor’s degree in Urban Forestry at the University of British Columbia this year. I am continually growing as a professional arboriculturist which enables me to increase my responsibilities and services that I can provide to the industry.

How have you prepared for the start of the experience?

Mainly, I have brushed up on all of the native species present in the UK.

What are you most looking forward to during the experience?

Embracing a new culture and working with likeminded individuals are two things I am really looking forward to. Being my first time to the UK, I am really excited to explore the differences and compare them to Canadian culture. I am looking forward to working with people who share a passion for urban forestry and, share my Canadian perspective and hopefully bring something to them that they can learn from.

What do hope to gain from the experience?

I look forward to a fantastic adventure and gaining a new set of skills that are specific to the UK. I would like to take what I learn and apply it to my next few years’ of education.

Where would you like to be in 5 years?

In five years I hope to be fully immersed in the urban forestry industry with a full toolbox of skills from my education and professional experiences. The position I hope to hold in the industry, is one where I can teach and share my passion with motivated individuals.

Thank you Reginald, enjoy the rest of your placement.

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