Fund4Trees welcomes new Research Coordinator

Fund for Trees (F4T), a charity promoting sustainable treescapes, has welcomed Dr Madalena Vaz-Monteiro as its new Research Coordinator.

Dr Vaz-Monteiro is an urban forest scientist at Forest Research with expertise in urban forestry, horticulture, and landscape architecture. She joins F4T to liaise with those seeking research grants. By acting as a bridge between F4T, its Research Advisory Committee (RAC), and those seeking support for arboricultural research, Dr Vaz-Monteiro will ensure that funds are utilised to the greatest effect.

Regarding her appointment, Dr Vaz-Monteiro said “I am very excited by the opportunity to work closely with the F4T RAC and help fellow arboricultural researchers through their grant application process. I particularly look forward to learning more about the research they are planning and hope that my experience can be useful.”

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