Executive Director attends Trees and Forestry Stakeholder Forum

The Institute’s Executive Director, Louise Simpson, joined staff from Defra, the Forestry Commission and Natural England for the first in-person Trees and Forestry Stakeholder Forum, held at London’s Oval cricket ground on 2 March.

The meeting focused on how to better support tree planting and care in the future, learn more about emerging issues and continue to strengthen support for our short and long-term tree planting targets.

The day’s events were opened by Edward Barker, Director of Natural Environment, Trees & Landscapes, who is responsible for the Nature for Climate Fund Tree Programme. There were wide-range discussions throughout the day, starting off with the progress of the Nature for Climate Fund at its halfway mark and then hearing about the developing Land Use Framework and what that might mean for tree planting into the future.

Breakout sessions were held on Financing of Forestry, Transition of the Nature for Climate Programme, Evidence Gaps, and Urban Tree Planting & Management. The day closed with ‘Pitch us a policy’ session, where stakeholders got to directly make a case for a policy.

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