Confor Manifesto: Delivering Green Growth


Confor Manifesto: Delivering Green Growth


Confor have published a manifesto, Delivering Green Growth, which outlines the environmental and economic benefits of forestry and wood-using businesses. The manifesto has been produced to kick-start the group’s campaign for the long-term development of the sector, ahead of next May’s general election.

Some of key statistics to emerge are are:

  • 7000 new jobs could be created by supporting a coherent policy framework which encourages more active forest management, enhances productive planting and stimulates markets for wood.
  • Having a positive impact on the UK’s balance of payments of around £1 billion per year by increasing the use of home-grown timber and displacing exports.
  • Potential loss of 1000 jobs and capture of 55 million tonnes of carbon without action to prevent a long-term fall-off in timber supply.

A Positive Story About Forestry

Confor’s Chief Executive, Stuart Goodall, said: “Confor has worked very hard during this parliamentary term to stress the importance of the forestry and timber sector to the economy and the environment. Our manifesto spotlights some of the key statistics coming out of our research – and how the next government can support the sector to deliver even greater benefits.

“We have a strong sector at the moment as a result of historical planting peaks. To keep up the momentum, we need to step up productive planting, bring more woodlands under management and continue to develop and stimulate a wide range of markets for timber.

“We already work closely with politicians and this is about reinforcing the positive story about forestry. We are not holding out the begging bowl, just asking for support to ensure a successful sector can thrive over the coming decades – and deliver exactly the kind of economic and environmental benefits that all parties want.”

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