Michael Cresswell MICFor

Michael Cresswell MICFor

How has chartered status helped your career?

I believe it will help concrete my professionalism within my organisation and wider sectors that I work with. As forestry is becoming increasingly under the umbrella of land management, which is no bad thing, I feel by now being chartered it will highlight my competency as a professional forester.

How does being a member of the institution help you do your job better?

Being an active member with the Institute has increased my awareness of wider forest industry issues by attending national and regional conferences and field trips. It is so easy in our busy lives to focus on the area of work we are involved in and not take a step back. The Institute has provided this opportunity through their CPD events and wider communications.

Why is the Institute of Chartered Foresters membership important to you?

It provides the recognition of my professionalism within the industry I am passionate about.

What motivated you to become chartered?

My motivation has always been to continuously improve on my knowledge and understanding of issues and opportunities within forestry. Thus, hopefully allowing me to be in a position to make positive changes within the forestry industry over the remaining 40 years of my career. I felt becoming chartered was one of the steps I needed to make to deliver this ambition.

Why do you choose the Institute of Chartered Foresters?

As by becoming a Professional Member it demonstrates my professional competence in forestry, which is highly regarded within the industry and amongst other sectors that are strongly linked with forestry and land management.

What is the best thing you’ve done through your ICF membership?

Forestry is a small world and you’ll never know quite who you’ll meet, especially at national conferences. This was true when attending my first national conference in Cardiff when I bumped into someone who remembered holding me as a baby!

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As well as demonstrating my continued commitment to the forestry industry, I believe that chartered status will be a strong foundation upon which to develop my career and build professional relationships based on trust and respect.

Being chartered reassures my clients that they are working with someone that has achieved industry recognition.

Being a member means I have people I can talk to about issues I want to know more about. Through the commitment to continued professional development, the Institute encourages me to better myself by learning more about the industry as…

Working towards becoming a Chartered Forester has enabled me to grow my forestry skills with confidence within a nurturing and supportive environment.

Being chartered gives me professional recognition and reassurance to my clients of the quality they are seeking.

Being chartered has enabled me to contribute to enhancing the overall status of the arboricultural profession, which is very important to me.

I feel that one of the most important parts of being a member is the need to undertake and record CPD.

Being chartered is a clear indication of my values.


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