Why Forestry? – Joanna Jervis BSc Hons

Jervis Joanna Bangor 2

Jervis Joanna Bangor 2

Why Forestry? 

Student member and 2014 ICF Best Student Award winner Joanna Jervis discusses why she chose to study forestry, her experience of Bangor University, and what’s next for this up-and-coming forester.



Why Forestry? This is a question that I have been asked many times by family and friends, many of whom were surprised at my chosen career path. The main reason why I was attracted to the forestry industry is that I have always been interested in the outdoors, and in trees; so for me studying forestry was the logical option. Before applying to university, the more I researched forestry, the more I became interested in not only the wood as a timber crop but also in the recreational and social benefits it provided people with. I was eager to learn how trees affected the soil and in turn the relationship between trees, insects, mammals and everything which makes up a forest or woodland.

I chose to study forestry at Bangor University, not only because of its long established track record in the subject (110 years and still going strong!) but also because of the fantastic location near Snowdonia. I was initially surprised at the range of topics and modules but after a relatively short period I was able to see how they all fitted together. The course at Bangor included practical field visits which, along with my year on placement with The Crown Estate brought theory and practice together nicely.

After completing my placement year, I had decided that becoming a Forest Ranger was the ideal job for me. It would allow me to work with both trees and people in an environment which I knew I would enjoy – whatever the weather! My final year at Bangor went smoothly and after the final exam results I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I had not only obtained a 2:1 in Forestry but that I had also been awarded the ICF Best Student Award. I am honoured to have been presented with this award and would like to thank both the ICF and Bangor University.

To find out more about where to study forestry and a list of ICF-accredited courses, visit www.charteredforesters.org/careers

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