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Urban Tree Establishment

TreePans is a sponsor of the 2018 National Tree Officers Conference (NTOC).

With a continued push to plant more trees across the country, its never been a more difficult time to establish trees in our urban environment. As an urban forester, I always struggled to keep my trees mulched and watered and also the grounds teams at bay. Urban planting is a skill not widely taught and if we continue to see droughts such as the one in 2018 tree establishment will continue to be a struggle.

TreePans launched at last year’s National Tree Officers Conference and we are pleased to be returning again to Telford.

TreePans are designed to protect new trees during those early establishment years. TreePans sit around the tree acting as a strimmer and mower guard, their design also naturally kills off grass and weed competition, so reducing the maintenance costs of spraying or mulching newly planted trees. TreePans act as a mini-greenhouse stopping evaporative moisture loss from the soil and also directing rainfall and water towards the roots of a tree. With sustainability in mind, TreePans are also designed to be reused on more than one tree.

Mid Sussex Council was one of the early adopters of TreePans installing them in Beech Hurst Gardens, Haywards Heath. Beech Hurst gardens is a heavily used 6-acre park, which was recently awarded a prestigious Green Flag for its 11th year in a row.

“Being passionate about tree planting I have learned that the real investment is in the establishment and aftercare period following planting.

Having thrown the TreePan into the mix at the time of planting I have experienced fewer cases of damage around the vital basal areas of trees. The TreePan is robust, easy to install and can be reused. As a local authority tree officer investment in the TreePan negates the need for regular mulch top ups resulting in savings that can be re-invested into other areas of young tree management.”  Greg Sweeney – Mid Sussex Council.

We look forward to talking all things tree planting at this year’s National Tree Officer Conference.


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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of TreePans and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Institute of Chartered Foresters. 

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