UK Forestry Learning Space / Initiative survey

Recognition of the ongoing forestry skills shortages and growth of the wider industry due to climate change and the green economy has created impetus for exploration of a new forestry learning space across the UK. Such a space would seek to address recruitment and education needs, coordinate resources, as well as raising awareness of the industry to meet the growing number of jobs and growing remit of the sector.

In response to this, Forestry Commission England has commissioned a scoping study to examine the needs of a new learning space, one part of this study is a UK-wide survey aimed at professionals, students and people in the forestry sector and associated industries.

We would particularly like to hear from students and new entrants into the sector but all perspectives and opinions are welcome.

The survey will be open until 18th March 2022, so if you could please distribute the hyperlink and encourage people to take 10 minutes to complete the survey which will contribute to the future of forestry learning.

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