Trees, People and the Built Environment



Trees, People and the Built Environment (TPBE) is a collaborative event that brings together professionals of forestry, arboriculture, and other built environment and environmental disciplines, to hear ground breaking international research on urban foresting. The event highlights the many social, economic and environmental benefits that trees bring to urban populations, and indeed the planet. This event is hosted tri-annually by the Institute of Chartered Foresters as its National Conference, and managed by a pan-industry steering group.

Trees, People and the Built Environment 3 (2017)

Trees People and the Built Environment 3 (TPBE 3), will take place from 5-6 April 2017 at the University of Birmingham, following acclaimed events in 2011 and 2014. There are two themes for 2017 – Roads to Place: Why trees are an integral part of highway transport design, and The Health Crisis: The role of trees in improving human health (Mental, physical, social and cultural).



TPBEII (2014)

The second Trees, People and the Built Environment conference took place at the University of Birmingham on 2-3 April, 2014. Follow the link below to view a range of resources produced from this event, including proceedings, videos, presentations, images and media coverage.

TPBEII Resources >>


TPBE (2011)

The first TPBE conference took place in Birmingham in 2011. View proceedings from this event:

Download TPBE 2011 Proceedings >>

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