Trees in the Townscape

Trees in the Townscape

The Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG) has published a guide on urban trees intended for all those involved in making or influencing decisions that shape our towns and cities.

Trees in the Townscape, a Guide for Decision Makers offers 12 principles that incorporate those planning, design, works and management issues that need to be addressed to ensure maximum economic, social and environmental returns.

The guide includes 34 case studies offering insight into best practice from all over England and information derived from over 40 interviews with civil engineers, insurers, developers, designers, planners, tree officers, sustainability specialists, arboriculturists, tree nursery managers, ecologists, academics and not-for-profit organisations dedicated to community engagement and trees.

Martin Kelly, Chair of TDAG, said: “In the current challenging economic times, this guide provides timely advice on how to ensure that investment to solve one problem also delivers, where possible, solutions to others. Urban trees provide in this respect a fantastic resource.”

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