Tree Health Resources

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Tree Health Resources

The Institute’s 2015 National Conference, Tree Health Resilience and Sustainability, took place on 22-23 April at the Angel Hotel in Cardiff. Please find below a series of resources from the event.


Ball, Prof David – Making decisions about uncertain and potentially big risks

Brown, Prof James KM – Learning from Experience of Crop Diseases: An Introduction to the Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Expert Taskforce

Butt, Prof Tariq – Novel technological solutions: the potential role and limitations of fungi in insect pest control programmes

Connor, Steve – How do we improve public awareness and communications

Cottle, Phil – An insurer’s view of Pest & Disease risk

Davies, Susan – A model for standardised pest and disease risk assessment of UK forests. Case Study: Woodland Carbon Code

Gibbs, Dr John – Experience in the UK: How we tackled tree health problems during the twentieth century and are dealing with problems in the 21st

Gunneberg, Ben – Implications for certification

Hommel, Matt – The Nursery Perspective

Humphreys, Dr David – Action following work of the Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Expert Taskforce

Leather, Prof Simon – What are the needs for professional education?

Mason, Dr Bill – How should we manage our forests and what should we plant?

O’Hara Jo – Is UK Forestry Resilient?

Potter, Dr Clive – Understanding public tree health concerns: what do we know and why do we need to know more?

Ste-Marie, Catherine – Learning lessons from the mountain pine beetle outbreak in Canada

Strong, Dr Neil – Infrastructure Resilience; Managing trees for a safe and sustainable railway

Ward, Martin – How can global plant health arrangements be improved to protect trees more effectively?

Webber, Dr Joan – Detection and precautionary measures to combat biosecurity threats – a responsibility for all. Promoting best practice in the sector

Wingfield, Prof Mike – Lessons from a global perspective on tree health

Zwack, Jim – Learning lessons from the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)



The conference opened with a video address from Welsh Government Minister for Natural Resources, Carl Sargeant AM.



Photos from this conference can be viewed on ICF’s Facebook page.


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