Walk in the Woods

Walk in the Woods

To mark their 40th anniversary, the Tree Council are organising a month of celebrations known as Walk in the Woods.

May is Walk in the Woods month, when community groups, environmental organisations, local authorities and volunteer Tree Wardens organise ‘walks in the woods’ – events like bluebell trails and healthy walking routes to bat and badger watches, treasure hunts, tree trails and woodland open days.

Pauline Buchanan Black, Director-General of The Tree Council explained the relevance of the events: “We have such a diverse treescape in the UK but we don’t always appreciate how fortunate we are. There are trees of all shapes and sizes and leaves of every colour and form. There will be tree identification walks and activities to suit everyone, being organised by people all over the country in both urban and rural woodlands; from places that are easily accessible by those who will find rugged terrain difficult and tours of interesting street or park trees, right the way through to more challenging trails, there will every opportunity to see the difference that trees make.”

Events Map

For more information, or to find out what events are happening near you – visit the Tree Council website


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