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Defra Launch UK’s First Plant Health Week

With 2020 being the UN’s International Year of Plant Health, Defra is hosting the UK’s first Plant Health Week from 21 – 27 September. Designed in collaboration with multiple organisations in the plant and forestry sectors, it aims to raise awareness of plant health threats and the actions people can take to keep our plants […]

The Emerald Ash Borer in the United States

Zwack James 125

Jim Zwack is Director of Technical Services for the Davey Institute, the research, training, and educational arm of the Davey Tree Expert Company. This US tree care business that has been engaged in the management of the Emerald Ash Borer since it was first identified in the United States in 2002. Jim outlines the historical background […]

Defra Say Focus Now on Slowing Spread of Chalara Rather than Eradicating

Defra – update to Interim Chalara Control Plan Chalara Can’t be Stoppped  – Focus now on Reducing the Rate of Spread Chalara Ash tree dieback is caused by the Chalara fraxinea fungus. It has already affected a high proportion of ash trees in Northern Europe. It was discovered for the first time in Great Britain […]

Plant Health Risk Register

Plant Health Risk Register Launched The Ministerial Plant Health Summit, which took place on 20 January, saw the launch of a UK Plant Health Risk Register. The Register, which is now publicly available, represents a major step in implementing the recommendations of the independent Task Force on Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity. It is a […]

One Year On – Forestry Policy Statement

One Year On – a lot done, more to do On Wednesday, a meeting of the Forestry Forum were presented with ‘One Year On’, a government policy statement outlining their effectiveness over the last 12 months in implementing the Forestry and Woodlands Policy Statement in England. One year ago, 36 commitments were made to the […]

Phytophthora ramorum in Wales – Disease Management Strategy

Phytophthora ramorum in Wales – Disease Management Strategy The Minister for Natural Resources and Food, has recently launched a new strategy to manage the outbreak of Phytophthora ramorum, a tree disease that has been spreading widely among larch in western Britain and Ireland. The aim of the strategy has is to manage the spread of […]

EFRA Committee: Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Report

Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Report: Too few plant health academics The Environment Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) select committee today published its Report on Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity, announcing that there were ‘too few plant health academics’ in UK Universities and colleges.  Committee Chair, Miss Anne McIntosh said: “The UK needs its own […]

FSC Reverse Squirel Control Decision


FSC Reverse Squirrel Control Decision FSC International have reversed a decision not to extend a derogation on the the use of Warfarin for the control of grey squirrels in the UK.

Current Certification and Approval Status of Warfarin

Current Certification and Approval Status of Warfarin Dr Ian Willoughby FICFor, Programme Group Manager (Regeneration and substainable silviculture) at Forest Research, has produced an independent report on the current certification and approval status of warfarin.  Updated 2/09/14 My understanding of the current situation regarding the status of warfarin for grey squirrel control in UK forests […]