Institute Policy Roundup – April 2020

We’re excited to introduce the first monthly policy roundup blog – bringing you updates from what the Institute has been getting involved in and what you can get involved in too.  Policy Strategy Council approved our new policy strategy at the end of March so we can really push forward with the work we’ve been […]


Keeping Connected These are extraordinary times and we’re aware that many of our members will now be adjusting to new and perhaps unfamiliar working practices. Here at the Institute, we realise the importance of keeping connected, from both professional and health-related perspectives. With this in mind, we’ve been working hard on putting together a number […]

ESC/ESC-DSS Tutorials

You will find videos about the challenges of achieving species diversity, in particular training needs for site assessment and knowledge of novel species on Forest Research’s Vimeo channel. There are three videos on the principles of site assessment and species selection, and three tutorials on using Ecological Site Classification Decision Support system (ESC-DSS). You can find […]

Top 5 Benefits of CPD – Dr Stuart Glen

Dr Stuart Glen, Membership Manager at the Institute of Chartered Foresters, outlines the top 5 reasons why CPD should be more than just clocking hours.     As a professional body that champions excellence in forestry and arboriculture, and supports the ongoing development of a competent, innovative and forward-looking profession, the Institute of Chartered Foresters […]