ICF Joins Woodland Skills Seminar at Highgrove

ICF Joins Woodland Skills Seminar at Highgrove On 14th February, 2014, ICF’s Executive Director Shireen Chambers and Deputy Director Russell Horsey joined leading figures in Forestry, and HRH the Prince of Wales, at a Highgrove seminar to discuss forestry skills, learning and development.  The Duchy of Cornwall and the Forestry Commission developed the event to […]

ICF Working with HEIs to Shape the Future of Forestry and Arboriculture

 The Institute of Chartered Foresters hosted a historic workshop calling together every Higher Education Institution (HEI) in the UK teaching forestry and arboriculture, in a move designed to foster relationships between the academic and professional worlds, and ensure graduates emerge fully equipped to start a career in the industry. ICF Working with HEIs to Shape […]

Career Information

Career Information for Forestry and Arboriculture Modern multi-purpose forestry and arboriculture is far more than just growing trees for timber. There are numerous career options depending on your interests and goals, which range from managing large forests to managing trees for amenity and urban landscapes. Sample roles include: Academic Arboriculturist Consultant Conservationist Forest engineer Forest […]

Education & Careers

Education and Careers in Forestry and Arboriculture The forestry and timber industry provides a great opportunity for a varied and interesting career in areas such as: Forestry – the science and practice of managing forests and woodlands Arboriculture – the planting, care and maintenance of amenity trees Timber Processing – the measurement, sawing, preparing and […]