Strong public support for forestry in Scotland

Forest Research recently conducted the Public Opinion of Forestry 2021 in Scotland survey which found that the general public have strong support for forestry and recognise its role in delivering a range of environmental, economic and social benefits.

Scotland is known for its stunning landscapes and the Scottish Government have ambitious plans to increase tree planting and protect existing woodlands in the fight against climate change. Trees absorb and store CO2 from the atmosphere, helping Scotland reach its target of net zero by 2045, with 88% of the public recognising this.

The survey also revealed that people feel it is a good use of public money for forestry to provide places for wildlife to live (93%), for recreation (92%), to tackle climate change (92%) to support the economy in rural areas (86%) and buy fewer wood products from abroad (81%). In the last 12 months, 86% of those surveyed had visited forests or woodlands and a third had visited more frequently.

Environment Minister Màiri McAllan said:

“Scotland’s forests and woodlands are some of our most treasured natural assets. They are helping us tackle climate change, providing recreation for people and special places for nature to thrive – all whilst generating around £1 billion to our economy each year.

The results from the survey are very positive and reflect the multiple benefits that forests and woodlands bring to Scotland. Given our ambition to become Net Zero by 2045, it is especially good to see such strong support for tree planting as a means to tackling climate change.”

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