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Dominic Poston MICFor

Hallwood Associates are a multidisciplinary consultancy with experience in landscape, ecology and trees. Specialising in urban arboriculture, we pride ourselves on being particularly adept at developing innovative solutions in facilitating development and the juxtaposition of trees. Please visit our website or contact us for more information.

Dietrich Pannwitz FICFor

Sylvestrus Ltd. is an Inverness based forestry consultancy and contracting business. We have the privilege to serve many clients in Scotland and provide the best forestry services possible. Grant applications, forest plans, woodland creation are our key sectors. We pride ourselves in delivering on time and on budget.

Dr Dealga O’Callaghan FICFor

A Consultant with over 30 years experience who can advise and offer expert advice in the areas of Planning (AIA/AMS); tree caused subsidence; personal injury where trees are involved; TPOs & Trees in Conservation Areas; Tree planting & Establishment; pests & diseases.

Tim Moya MICFor

Tim Moya Associates provides arboricultural consultancy services to private clients and public sector bodies. Our services include tree surveys, planning reports, health and safety assessments, expert witness provision and support for local authorities. The company has a high level of technical and professional ability and can advise on TPOs and subsidence damage issues as well […]

Amy Mitchell MICFor

Amy R Mitchell holds degrees in Land Economy and Forest Management and has 27 years of practical and professional experience in the UK forest sector. Now trading as RumRoy Limited, the independent consultancy provides and extensive range of tree and forestry, land and environmental management services for a diverse range of clients throughout the UK. […]

John Little MICFor

Tilhill Forestry is the UK’s leading forestry and timber harvesting company, We offer a broad range of market leading professional consultancy and contracting services to woodland and forestry owners. Our skill sets range from management of existing woods and forests, new woodland and forest creation through to more diverse projects such as communication masts, renewable […]

Jeremy Lawton MICFor

Jeremy Lawton is a Chartered Arboriculturist with over 30 years experience in the tree care and management industry. Core services provided include: Tree Surveys; Project Management; Training and Education ; GIS & CAD (Provision of Tree data capture solutions and site plans).

Anthony Lane MICFor

A M Lane Ltd is a small consultancy practice specialising in all aspects of arboriculture advice to private house or landowners, local authorities, and corporate clients, principally covering the south and west of England but work further afield is also taken on. Currently, long-term contracts with several local authorities include tree officer functions, street and […]

Simon Holmes MICFor

Tree Surveys is a multidisciplinary practice that conducts specialist tree inspection, GPS/GIS tree inventories, advises on tree safety, and planning and development matters to a wide variety of clients including The Crown Estate, Local Authorities, Private Estates, Wildlife Trusts, major PLCs, small-scale developers, and members of the public. Tree Surveys Principle Simon Holmes has 30 […]

David Dowson FICFor

40 years experience in arboriculture specialising in tree inspection, tree risk management, writing tree risk management policy and training in this area. I am an Arboricultural Association Registered Consultant and a qualified expert witness. Tree Life AC is a company that carries out consultancy but also specialising in the provision of training in professional qualifications.