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Sorbus takes Innovation to 2017 National Tree Officers Conference

Sorbus International Limited Logo

Sorbus International Limited LogoSorbus International Limited is a sponsor of the 2017 National Tree Officers Conference (NTOC). 

Sorbus, based in Frome Somerset, is celebrating their tenth anniversary in 2017 and proud to be supporting the second National Tree Officers Conference (NTOC).  Sorbus offers a comprehensive range of specialist and HiTech products for arboriculture professionals including the well proven PICUS, IML and Haglof devices for tree decay detection and surveying.

At the NTOC, this November, Sorbus will be showcasing its three new products recently introduced into the UK:

1. BioSecurity Kit / Accessories

With the ongoing threat of pests and diseases to our native trees, BioSecurity continues to be a key concern. Following consultation with the Forestry Commission and the Arboricultural Association, we have produced a complete BioSecurity Kit packed in a handy holdall. Pressure washers and recommended Cleankill and Propellar disinfectant products are also available for use with the kits.

BioSecurity Kit

A significant increase in the range of non-native pests and diseases in the UK over the past 15 years means that our rural and urban trees need greater protection (Forestry Commission, 2015). Human activity can accelerate the spread of tree pests and diseases but this can be minimised with good BioSecurity practice.

A study in a Phytophthora control zone found that 30% of boots sampled contained infected organic material. Phytophthora can survive for more than a year in organic material, increasing the chance of it becoming established elsewhere if the material is moved. It is therefore highly recommended to clean boots, tools and vehicles; because this has been shown to help minimise the number of infected trees.

2. BITE Tree Infusion system

Developed by a team led by Dr Lucio Montecchio at De Rebus Plantarum – a spin-off of the University of Padua (Italy); BITE (Blade for Infusion in Trees) is a manual, drill-free instrument with a small, perforated lenticular (lentil shaped) blade that enters the trunk by separating the woody fibres with minimal friction.

BITE (Blade for Infusion in Trees)

BITE is a simple, fast and effective method that allows the natural uptake of beneficial sap compatible liquids (i.e. EnerBite) in trees under stress or in decline ensuring that all of the applied treatment goes directly into the tree with no contamination of adjacent targets. With the BITE lenticular blade the infusion ports partially close soon after the removal of the blade due to the natural elasticity and turgidity of the plant tissues, and the cambial activity completes the healing process in few weeks – unlike drilling.

EnerBite, which has been specifically developed for use with the BITE system, is rapidly taken up and translocated within the tree through the xylem vessels, due to the high mobility and low molecular weight of the ingredients. This translates into a noticeable improvement in nutrition and immediate increase of vigour. EnerBite also induces the production of particular organic compounds responsible for the tree’s natural defence mechanisms.

A recent paper published in the Arb Journal ‘An enhanced trunk injection formulation of potassium phosphite against chestnut ink disease’ by Elisa Del Maso and Professor Lucio Montecchio reported that EnerBite treatment completely ceased the development of the disease in most cases.

3Haglof Laser Geo

Devices for distance and height measurement are an essential piece of equipment for arborists. The Haglof range offers simple electronic clinometers like the very popular ECII-D to more sophisticated laser devices. Accurate and speedy measurement is a key factor for such devices, as is their rugged, weatherproof design. Competitively priced, the latest Haglof Laser Geo device includes a compass and GPS as standard making it the most versatile laser measurement device available. Distances, tree heights and tree canopies can be measured with ease as can 3D power line clearances and 3D mapping of areas and heaps (ie wood chip, logs, stones, gravel etc).




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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Sorbus International Limited and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Institute of Chartered Foresters. 

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