Reinstatement to ICF

Reinstatement to Membership of the Institute of Chartered Foresters

Members are removed from the Institute’s membership register if they have resigned or if they have not paid their annual subscription fee. Members who have not paid their subscriptions by the beginning of the year are sent at least two further requests for payment and a final warning and are removed from the register only if no response is received to the final notification. To avoid being removed unintentionally it is important to let the Institute know when you change address. Members whose subscriptions are paid by their employers should ensure that the Institute receives fees on time.

Removal from the register is not the same as suspension or termination of membership. A member can be suspended or terminated for a serious breach of the Institute’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. The Institute makes a careful distinction between removal from the register and suspension or termination. Members removed from the register can apply for reinstatement if they wish to rejoin the Institute.

Application for Reinstatement

Reinstatement to membership is by application. Those wishing to re-apply as a Student, Associate and Supporter member should use the standard application forms for the relevant category. No fees apply for these categories. Former Chartered members must reapply using the application form for reinstatement. The application will be considered by a sub-committee of the Professional & Educational Standards Committee.

Fees for Reinstatement

All former members wishing to be reinstated to Chartered membership must ensure that they have cleared any outstanding subscription fees. Members who have previously resigned will have no outstanding arrears but those who simply let their membership lapse may have outstanding fees. Arrears are due only for the year when membership lapsed and not for the entire period between the date their membership lapsed and the date of being reinstated.

In addition to arrears, there is also an administration fee payable for reinstatement to Professional Membership and Fellowship. A single cheque covering both the administration fee and arrears can be submitted with the application form. Former members are not automatically reinstated to membership by simply clearing outstanding fees. They must apply for formal reinstatement and go through the Institute’s election process.

Former members wishing to be reinstated should first contact the Institute’s Membership Manager at or 0131 240 1425 to find out what their arrears are, if any.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

All former Chartered members must provide evidence of CPD in their application for reinstatement.

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