Landscape Institute: Health, wellbeing and place

How landscape practitioners can deliver positive change Join the Landscape Institute on Thursday 29 November at Future Inn Cardiff Hotel, Cardiff, to explore the link between place, health and wellbeing. Choose from 16 expert-led sessions, 2 site visits and a number of interactive workshops. Discuss and debate the pressing issues in health, wellbeing and place: […]

ICF Wales: Annual Conference & AGM

Land Use in Wales – Where are we Going? This year the Wales Regional Group has chosen the title of “Land Use in Wales; where are we going?” for our annual conference. With Brexit looming, and discussions around how we best use our land, we wish to explore how forestry can be integrated with other […]

The ICF Trophy at the 2018 Royal Welsh Agricultural Show

Best Overall Professional Woodland Management in the Show The Royal Welsh Agricultural Society gives forestry managers a chance to exhibit their skills within the various categories for entry.  Large, and small, young and old, with both hardwoods and conifers having separate classes. There are four sections for various sized estates, and nine for the many […]

Peter Chappell MICFor

I provide a forest acquisition advisory service across Scotland, Wales, and England.  I undertake various kinds of valuation projects in relation to forests and woodlands.  I also provide a consultancy service to clients seeking formal analysis of strategic decisions they may be considering.  I especially enjoy working on appraising the possibility and /or merits of […]

2018 ICF Wales: Summer Field Visit – ‘Changing Forest Landscapes’

Sold out. The 2018 ICF Wales Summer Field Trip will be held in Radnorshire, in the East of Wales. It is being hosted by the kind permission of Natural Resources Wales and by the Lydiate family of Tyn y Berth. The morning and early afternoon will be held in Abbey Cwm Hir Forest. This forest has a […]

Martin Bishop: Long term forest management plans

Presentation from: Long-Term Forest Planning and Professionalism

John Browne MICFor: New long term forest management plan

Presentation from: Long-Term Forest Planning and Professionalism

Andy Lederer: Professionalism in Forestry

Presentation from: Long-Term Forest Planning and Professionalism

Farming Connect: Farming Connect Advisory Service

Presentation from: Long-Term Forest Planning and Professionalism

Alex Harris: Sourcing Spatial Data

Presentation from: Long-Term Forest Planning and Professionalism

Jill Bullen: Landscape considerations in forests and woodlands

Presentation from: Long-Term Forest Planning and Professionalism

Jim Hepburn: Forest Regulation

Presentation from: Long-Term Forest Planning and Professionalism

Alan Wilson MICFor and Evelyn Over MICFor: Stakeholder Engagement

Presentation from: Long-Term Forest Planning and Professionalism

Long-Term Forest Planning and Professionalism Workshops

This April, learn about new plans for woodland management and requirements in Wales at a one day workshop run jointly between the Institute of Chartered Foresters, Farming Connect, Natural Resources Wales and the Welsh Government. Ym mis Ebrill, dysgwch am gynlluniau newydd ar gyfer rheoli coetiroedd a gofynion yng Nghymru mewn gweithdy undydd a gynhelir […]

2018 ICF Wales (South): Spring Lunch

Due to the geographical spread of the ICF Wales Region, the Regional Group will once again hold its Spring Lunch simultaneously at two locations, one in North Wales and the other in South Wales, to make this event as accessible as possible to all members.The Spring Lunch in South Wales will be held at The […]

2018 ICF Wales (North): Spring Lunch

Due to the geographical spread of the ICF Wales Region, the Regional Group will once again hold its Spring Lunch simultaneously at two locations, one in North Wales and the other in South Wales, to make this event as accessible as possible to all members. The Spring Lunch in North Wales will be held at The […]

Long-Term Forest Planning and Professionalism

This April, learn about new plans for woodland management and requirements in Wales at a one day workshop run jointly between the Institute of Chartered Foresters, Farming Connect, Natural Resources Wales and the Welsh Government. Ym mis Ebrill, dysgwch am gynlluniau newydd ar gyfer rheoli coetiroedd a gofynion yng Nghymru mewn gweithdy undydd a gynhelir […]

Long-Term Forest Planning and Professionalism

This April, learn about new plans for woodland management and requirements in Wales at a one day workshop run jointly between the Institute of Chartered Foresters, Farming Connect, Natural Resources Wales and the Welsh Government. Ym mis Ebrill, dysgwch am gynlluniau newydd ar gyfer rheoli coetiroedd a gofynion yng Nghymru mewn gweithdy undydd a gynhelir […]

ICF Wales Regional Group: Future Forestry. What will Wales’ Forestry look like in 2050? report

Associate member Mike Cresswell, attended the ICF Wales Regional Group event: Future Forestry. What will Wales’ Forests look like in 2050? Mike reports on his experience. This year the Wales region held its annual general meeting and annual autumn conference at Bangor University. The event had over 90 delegates ranging from non-members to Fellows of the […]

Future Forestry. What will Wales’ forests look like in 2050?

2017 ICF Wales: Annual Conference & AGM 2017. This year the Wales Regional Group has chosen an ambitious title for our annual conference. We want to explore what challenges and opportunities are on the horizon over the next few decades for forestry in Wales. To make this possible we are calling in experts from a […]

RICS Rural Conference, Wales

The RICS Rural Conference, Wales returns to Llandrindod Wells on 5 December 2017 to provide you with a platform to learn about and discuss the latest developments that will affect the rural sector in Wales. The day will commence with a talk on the UK agricultural sector, with a focus on the Welsh farming industry, […]

2017 ICF Wales: Making the Case for Deforestation & Afforestation

In September 2016 Natural Resources Wales published the State of Natural Resources Report (SoNaRR), which looked at how pressures on Wales’ natural resources are resulting in risks and threats to long-term social, cultural, environmental and economic well-being, as set out in the Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. Forecasts indicate a drop in timber […]

2017 ICF Midlands: Free Air CO2 Enrichment Experiment & Norbury Park Estate Woodlands

Join the ICF Midlands regional group on 27 June for this site based technical conference at the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR). The Free Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) experiment is based at the Norbury Park Estate, and their Woodland Manager David Shorthouse will lead a tour of the woodlands on an estate where scientific […]

Tree Breeding and Forest Products – An update on current research

This meeting is being organised by Forest Research, Forestry Commission and Natural Resources Wales. It aims to be the definitive research update concerning tree breeding and wood based forest products with some of the nation’s top experts in their field. The meeting should be attractive to all members of the nursery, tree growing and sawmilling […]

Are all urban forests equally beneficial?

What is an ‘urban forest’? ‘Urban forest’ is a term that is being increasingly used by those engaged in thinking about (and even delivering) resilient cities. But what does it actually mean? There are various published definitions but for our purposes here we adopt a definition that we and our colleagues proposed last year: ‘The […]

Interview with Sam Bristow, Tilhill Forestry

The Institute asked Associate member Sam Bristow, Assistant Forest Manager with Tilhill Forestry and one of the hosts for his views on the up and coming Young Professionals Study Tour. WHAT DID YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT THE LAST YOUNG PROFESSIONALS STUDY TOUR? The YPST in 2016 gave me a great opportunity to meet and talk […]

The Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award 2017 Recipients Announced

The Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut forestier du Canada (CIF/IFC), the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF), and the Duchy of Cornwall are pleased to announce the four outstanding recipients of the 2017 Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award. Now in its third year, The Prince of Wales Forest Leadership Award is a UK-Canada partnership initiative between […]

ICF South Wales: Spring Lunch

The ICF Wales Regional Group will hold its Spring Lunch simultaneously at two locations, one in North Wales and the other in South Wales, Friday 28 April at 12noon, with lunches served at 1pm, which makes the event as accessible as possible to all members across the region. These relaxed gatherings provide an excellent opportunity for new […]

ICF North Wales: Spring Lunch

The ICF Wales Regional Group will hold its Spring Lunch simultaneously at two locations, one in North Wales and the other in South Wales, Friday 28 April at 12noon, with lunches served at 1pm, which makes the event as accessible as possible to all members across the region. These relaxed gatherings provide an excellent opportunity for new […]

Peter Wilson FICFor

With 34 years’ UK and international experience, my strengths lie in developing strong strategic visions, innovative problem-solving, influencing public policy, implementing institutional change, building multi-stakeholder partnerships and in leading and publicly representing organisations. Initially, I worked to support commercial reforestation projects in Jamaica and the Solomon Islands, then returned to the UK to pursue my […]

Will Wilkinson MICFor

Charlton Abbotts Forestry Ltd was established in 1993 and has progressively developed to provide wide-ranging Tree and Forestry related services. Based on a 3000 acre Cotswold Estate where the woodlands are managed on a continuous cover basis. Large farmland planting schemes are also undertaken. The company has developed its client base to include other private […]

Peter Wharton MICFor

The leading natural-infrastructure consultancy, providing analysis and advice to successfully plan, develop and manage land and property. Whether you’re looking to plan, develop or manage your site, we provide the natural advice you need to successfully balance commercial, environmental and human needs, naturally increasing the true value of your land or property.

Jim Unwin MICFor

Jim Unwin brings thirty-three years of experience as an arboricultural consultant to provide a broad spectrum of consultancy services to clients seeking help on woodland management and arboricultural matters, including tree health and safety, and development sites including planning appeals and disputes. He also acts as an expert witness and has twenty years of quarry […]

Robin Truslove MICFor

Lockhart Garratt Ltd is a specialist consultancy offering independent, expert advice on Trees, Woodland Management and Forestry, free from sales or contracting interests. Clients include landowners, farmers, councils, developers and quarry operators. The team of chartered foresters is supported by in-house arboricultural, environmental and ecological consultants. Specialisms include woodland management for all objectives; green infrastructure […]

Ian Thomas MICFor

We are an independent forestry consultancy established in 2000 specialising in Forest Plans. Our clients include woodland owners, forestry management companies, the Crown Estate, community forests and the Forestry Commission. High-quality mapping and inventory work is undertaken using the latest and landscape visualisation software. Woodland creation projects, forestry reports, grant applications, deer management plans and […]

Glyn Thomas FICFor

Cheshire Woodlands Arboricultural Consultancy is an independent team of highly skilled consultants that offers a comprehensive range of arboricultural advisory services to provide clients with personally tailored arboricultural solutions. Our wealth of experience in investigation, design and problem solving has been gained over three decades of work in the commercial and public sectors. Glyn Thomas […]

Graham Taylor MICFor

Pryor and Rickett Silviculture is an independent firm of forestry consultants offering a bespoke management and consultancy service to private, institutional and public woodland owners. The company specialises in broadleaved and conifer silviculture, valuation and property appraisal and harvesting and marketing of UK timbers. The consultants have considerable experience in both tree establishment and the […]

Patrick Stileman MICFor

Arboricultural consultancy including: tree surveys on development sites, assistance with site layout in relation to trees and all aspects relating to trees in the planning system; planning appeals in relation to trees including written representation, informal hearing, public local inquiry; tree risk assessment including large-scale tree surveys and detailed tree inspection (specialist equipment, digital microProbe […]

Simon Stephens MICFor

SJ Stephens Associates Ltd provides professional advice and management services relating to trees, woodland and the landscape. Around 200 reports are produced each year supporting planning applications, with additional surveys and reports relating to tree hazard assessment, subsidence, and amenity tree valuation. Principle consultant, Simon Stephens is an Arboricultural Association Registered Consultant and Chartered Environmentalist, […]

Luke Steer MICFor

Treescapes Consultancy Ltd. often helps private, corporate, charity and local government clients manage their trees. Work includes: assessing the condition and management requirements of trees; compiling tree risk management plans; compiling strategic tree management plans for populations of trees in both urban and rural areas such as public parks, ancient deer parks and nature reserves, […]

Andrew Smith MICFor

Tree Health Consulting Ltd is an independent arboricultural consultancy that deals with all tree related management issues. Services include BS5837 surveys, safety audits of tree stock, planning negotiation, planning and TPO appeals, accident investigation, veteran tree management. As an accredited expert witness under the Cardiff University Bond Solon Scheme, we can offer joint single expert […]

Andy Shirley-Priest MICFor

Abbey Forestry is a Limited Liability Partnership of University Graduates with many years experience in woodland management and contract work. Our aim is to meet clients’ objectives and we will adapt our management style and method according to suit clients’ needs. We currently manage woodlands with a wide range of priorities, which include timber production […]

Stephen Shields MICFor

Shields Arboricultural Consultancy is an independent practice run by Steve Shields, an experienced professional specialising in Arboriculture, Urban Forestry and Trees in the Planning System. A comprehensive service is offered including providing advice on trees and development; preparing arboricultural implication assessments; method statements and tree protection plans to assist with gaining planning permission; undertaking tree […]

Kenyon Sheppard MICFor

Areas covered: arboriculture and urban tree management; woodland management where the production of timber is a secondary consideration; expert witness testimony for planning inquiries, appeals and litigation; tree surveys; inspections and assessments for inventory; health; safety hazard evaluation; development and planning purposes; advice and supporting documentation for planning applications, inquiries and appeals; advice on statute […]

John Searl MICFor

John Searl Forestry Ltd is an independent woodland and forestry company providing the full range of forestry services, including timber harvesting. Clients include forestry investors, traditional estate owners, quarry and mineral companies. Consultancy services include acquisition and investment appraisals, financial health checks of forest investments as well as valuation of standing timber. Also undertaken is […]

Keith Sacre MICFor

A consultancy focusing on young trees. Their production, selection, despatch and transplanting into the environment. Includes, stock selection, site evaluation, species selection, transplanting and subsequent maintenance. The preparation of specifications and subsequent management of all of the above.

Ben Rose MICFor

We specialise in providing assistance with planning applications, veteran tree surveys, historic landscape management plans, and tree risk management. We also provide air spade services for carrying out sensitive excavations near trees, but we welcome enquiries in connection with any type of project that requires arboricultural input.

Matthew Reid MICFor

I aim to provide sustainable solutions to your tree management problems – always with a pragmatic, collaborative approach and always being mindful of the benefits that are provided by trees. Whether you are a tree owner with responsibility for a single tree or an organisation or other professional with more complex needs I am able […]

Richard Ravencroft MICFor

Our Consultancy practice consists of two Arboricultural Consultants and one Technician. We specialise in tree and development related surveys, tree hazard inspections surveys and reports, air spade root investigations. Our client portfolio covers a large proportion of the UK and therefore distance is no problem. We also operate two teams of climbing arborist for specialised […]

Tim Pursey MICFor

Provision of a comprehensive arboricultural consultancy primarily in the southern half od England and Wales. Areas covered include development and planning, Tree Preservation Orders, tree safety, decay detection, tree health care, soil amelioration and improvement. Working with legal professionals on a variety of tree-related issues (Cardiff University Expert Witness, Member of the Expert Witness Institute, […]

Iain Peddie MICFor

Highfield Forestry Ltd manages 16,000 hectares of woodlands throughout Scotland, Wales and Northern England. It specialises in managing upland forestry, but also manages many lowland woodlands. The Company provides forest consultancy advice including timber valuation, production forecasting, woodland valuations and grant schemes. Highfield has staff qualified as management planners capable of applying for grant schemes […]

Justin Mumford FICFor

Lockhart Garratt is a highly professional consultancy covering the full spectrum of tree, woodland, and forestry issues from development design, health and safety, and amenity through to ecological landscaping, community woodland planting, commercial forestry, and natural resource management. A complete independent service free of any ties with contractors or nurseries. Justin Mumford FICFor specialises in […]

Tim Moya MICFor

Tim Moya Associates provides arboricultural consultancy services to private clients and public sector bodies. Our services include tree surveys, planning reports, health and safety assessments, expert witness provision and support for local authorities. The company has a high level of technical and professional ability and can advise on TPOs and subsidence damage issues as well […]

Philip Moseley MICFor

TEP is a multidisciplinary practice with a broad base of skills providing environmental consultancy to the public and private sectors. We believe that careful and innovative planning, design and management can avoid, minimise or mitigate potential environmental problems. We have a strong track record in the planning, design, regeneration and management of landscapes for people […]

Guy Morrison MICFor

Guy Morrison has over 20 years’ experience in the industry. He is focused on providing robust and expert tree advice, and practical solutions to the constraints trees may pose. He is a professional member of the Arboricultural Association, ICF Registered Consultant, approved LANTRA Professional Tree Inspector, Chartered Forester and QTRA user. He is a qualified […]

Philippe Morgan FICFor

Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) manage forests in Wales and provide advice on arboriculture, PAWS restoration and the environment. SFM’s client base includes large commercial forests, NGOs, community groups, public sector and the smaller privately owned woodlands. SFM trade consultancy services through SelectFor on continuous cover forestry throughout the UK and internationally. SelectFor administers and maintains […]

Andrew Moffat MICFor

An independent consultancy service in SE England, specialising in sustainable solutions and research services, especially in relation to the forestry, urban forestry, land regeneration and arboricultural sectors. We offer feasibility studies, proof of concept and product testing services, environmental and site assessment, and information management. Specific services include: Guidance on climate change adaptation Land regeneration […]

Amy Mitchell MICFor

Amy R Mitchell holds degrees in Land Economy and Forest Management and has 27 years of practical and professional experience in the UK forest sector. Now trading as RumRoy Limited, the independent consultancy provides and extensive range of tree and forestry, land and environmental management services for a diverse range of clients throughout the UK. […]

Jeremy Lawton MICFor

Jeremy Lawton is a Chartered Arboriculturist with over 30 years experience in the tree care and management industry. Core services provided include: Tree Surveys; Project Management; Training and Education ; GIS & CAD (Provision of Tree data capture solutions and site plans).

Anthony Lane MICFor

A M Lane Ltd is a small consultancy practice specialising in all aspects of arboriculture advice to private house or landowners, local authorities, and corporate clients, principally covering the south and west of England but work further afield is also taken on. Currently, long-term contracts with several local authorities include tree officer functions, street and […]

Tim Kirk MICFor

I have worked in the forest industry for some 50 years mostly on the investment aspect of the business. In particular specialising in valuations for all woodland situations for a wide variety of clients—individual, company and trusts. Working for the major forest management companies, but now for my own company. Most of my work is […]

Jon Kiely MICFor

Jon Kiely is a Professional Member of the ICF, Chartered Arboriculturist, Fellow Member of the Arboricultural Association and Chartered Environmentalist, with over 20 years’ experience in practical and professional arboriculture. Jon is a Senior Arboricultural Consultant and Director of Aspect Tree Consultancy – an expert, highly professional, arboricultural consultancy based in the South West of […]

Jago Keen MICFor shows a comprehensive list of my areas of expertise, gained over 20 years, including arboricultural consulting within the planning system, providing advice to developers and national house-builders, through to producing supplementary planning documents and strategy for local planning authorities. In addition, I have undertaken independent research, the findings of which have been used to […]

Felix Karthaus FICFor

Forest management and consultancy in the UK and Estonia and Latvia.

Martin Jones MICFor

The Woodland Stewardship Company is an independent forestry consultancy. Since 1996 the company has been achieving superior returns for clients by providing them with a consistently high quality and competitive service. WSC works closely with clients to deliver forest management services ranging from management planning and WGS applications through to harvesting and marketing. Martin is […]

Richard Hyett MICFor

Over the last ten years, Richard has gained a wide range of experience as both a private sector consultant and an Arboricultural Officer for a Local Planning Authority. This experience has ensured Richard has a full understanding of the complexities of trees within the planning system, tree related statute and tree risk. Richard regularly provides […]

Philip Harris MICFor

Based in the North-West, we work closely with a wide range of clients, mainly throughout Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Yorkshire and Cumbria. Director, Phill Harris, holds both an HND and a BSc(Hons) in Arboriculture and is a Chartered Arboriculturist, a Chartered Environmentalist and a Professional Member of the Arboricultural Association.

Sandy Greig FICFor

Having worked for the Forestry Commission in the UK for almost 30years, I set up a small forestry consultancy in 2007. I now specialise in forest carbon accounting. I am a member of the Forestry Commission’s Carbon Advisory Group which developed the Woodland Carbon Code.

Andy Greathead MICFor

Savills Forestry, Woodland & Arboriculture Department manage and advise on over 40,000 hectares of commercial and amenity woodlands. Highly experienced foresters cover all aspects of woodland management, including: asset assessment and preparation of management policy; valuation, taxation and grant aid advice; planting and establishment designs; woodland maintenance; conservation and amenity; timber harvesting and marketing; sales […]

Martin Glynn FICFor

Chartered Forester and Surveyor specialising in the forest industry and rural development economic assessments, feasibility studies, evaluation, strategy development and project development & management. 25 + years experience in the public, private and third sectors, now working with a wide range of clients from individual woodland owners to government departments. Able to draw on a […]

Charles Gittins MICFor

Flintshire Woodlands, a trading division of Scottish Woodlands Ltd, offers a complete range of consultancy, management and contract services to a diverse client base that includes private estates, investment forests, quarries, farmers and agents. We can assist you with your applications for grants, preparation of management plans and delivery of your work programmes. Our Canopy […]

Julian Forbes-Laird MICFor

FLAC provides public corporate and private clients with an efficient and approachable service to Expert Witness level. Though all aspects of arboriculture are covered, the majority of instructions relate to planning and litigation. Julian Forbes-Laird is a Registered Consultant of the Arboricultural Association and a Member of the Expert Witness Institute. He was one of […]

Alan Engley MICFor

Arboricultural specialists covering: BS5837:2012 Tree Surveys (CAD availability); tree safety reports; mortgage reports.

David Edwards FICFor

Tilhill Forestry is the UK’s leading forestry and timber harvesting company, We offer a broad range of market leading professional consultancy and contracting services to woodland and forestry owners. Our skill sets range from management of existing woods and forests, new woodland and forest creation through to more diverse projects such as communication masts, renewable […]

David Dowson FICFor

40 years experience in arboriculture specialising in tree inspection, tree risk management, writing tree risk management policy and training in this area. I am an Arboricultural Association Registered Consultant and a qualified expert witness. Tree Life AC is a company that carries out consultancy but also specialising in the provision of training in professional qualifications.

Edward Downs MICFor

Sole practitioner offering advice on all aspects of forest management. Independent advice on marketing all forest products. Survey and inventory work for valuations and auditing work throughout the UK.

Tracy Clarke MICFor

Consultancy advice in relation to every aspect of arboriculture, but I specialise in planning and development. Other consultancy work includes tree officer cover, tree hazard assessments, decay investigation, tree management, tree population surveys, tree and subsidence, expert witness. My specialism is dealing with trees in relation to town and county planning, design, demolition, and construction, […]

Mark Chester MICFor

BS5837:2012 Tree reports for development sites, tree preservation orders, applications, appeal enforcement expert advice, tree surveys and management plans, landscape schemes and management of young trees.

Ralland Browne MICFor

Scottish Woodlands Limited specialises in Forest Management for a wide range of clients and landowners. Mr Browne’s role is to advise on the purchase of properties that meet client objectives, ranging from bare land to existing forests. An independent valuation services can be provided if required.

Simon Brain MICFor

A fully equipped modern Arboriculture, Forestry and Ecological consultancy practice working across the UK in the public and private sectors. Our services include surveys and risk assessment, bespoke data management systems, GIS tree surveying and asset management services, woodland and landscape management including habitat surveys and impact assessments.

Paolo Bavaresco MICFor

I am located in Snowdonia National Park and  have been awarded repeat contracts to identify liability trees and advise their management along 4,000km of trunk road verge. I provide impartial tree management advice to the public, private and utility sectors regarding:   Tree condition assessment and amenity tree management. Reasonable care in meeting the client’s legal […]

2017 ICF Wales: Annual Conference

Members of the Wales Regional Group will be notified by email when the details for this event are confirmed.

ICF Wales: Summer Field Visit

Members of the Wales Regional Group will be notified by email when the details for this event are confirmed.