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Professional Conduct – Standard 6

Standard 6 – Have regard for sustainability throughout your work

Practice your profession with due regard to sound ecological, social, economic and environmental principles to the advantage of present and future generations.

In practice this includes, but is not limited to, behaving as follows:

  • Understand how your actions affect others and the environment and, if appropriate, question or amend that behaviour
  • Use your skills and experience to serve the needs of wider society
  • Act in accordance with the best principles for the mitigation of environmental harm
  • Serve as an example to others for responsible behaviour
  • Encourage others to promote and advance a sustainable and resilient approach by understanding their responsibility
  • Take responsibility for personal development and work towards securing change and improvements for a sustainable future

Some of the key questions that you could ask yourself include:

  • Am I developing best practice by actively learning from results to improve future sustainable solutions and approaches?
  • Do I help others to understand the wider picture?
  • Do I encourage others to actively contribute to sustainability?


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