Professional Conduct – Standard 4

Standard 4 – Take responsibility

Be accountable for all your actions. Take full responsibility for your actions and do not blame others if things go wrong.

Have the courage to make a stand. Be prepared to act if you suspect a risk to safety or malpractice of any sort.

In practice this includes, but is not limited to, behaving as follows:

  • Always act with skill, care and diligence
  • If someone makes a complaint about something that you have done, then respond in an appropriate and professional manner and aim to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of the complainant as far as you can
  • If you think something is not right, be prepared to question it and raise the matter as appropriate with your colleagues, within your company or the organisation that you work for, with ICF or with any other appropriate body or organisation

Some of the key questions that you could ask yourself include:

  • Am I approachable?
  • Does my company or organisation have a clear complaints handling procedure?
  • Do I learn from complaints?
  • Do I take complaints seriously?
  • Am I clear about what the process is within my company or the organisation that I work for about raising concerns?
  • Have I considered asking for advice from my peers or ICF?

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