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Does this ring a bell?

It’s a wet and windy day and you’re out surveying trying to make notes and mark up a topographic map on a soggy piece of paper and your pen won’t work. To make matters worse once back in the office looking to input this data into a spreadsheet, you can’t read what you wrote down because either the paper has torn or you can’t read your own writing and you don’t know which photos relate to which tree.

There must be a better way?

Our knowledge

PocketGISHaving worked with our clients within Arboriculture and Forestry over a number of years we’ve come to understand everyone has their own way of collecting data and reporting.

PocketGIS is an exclusive software application which brings together background mapping, GPS and Laser Rangefinders with a database structure which can be populated on the go!

The ARB version

It was apparent the majority of our customers wanted to make their process of collecting data more efficient especially those still using pen and paper in the rain.

With that in mind we have developed and evolved the PocketGIS software customising the basic interface for the needs of our clients. With the advent of Android and Windows 10 smartphones and tablets lends itself to a more intuitive experience with a shorter learning curve.PocketGIS ARB

PocketGIS ARB is a customisable collection and reporting application, which creates pages of information, tables and maps based on the information collected. It can be for multi stem diameter and root protection calculations or plan view of canopy, root protection and shading areas.

Pages are generated in PDF format for direct viewing by third parties. In addition, data can also be exported in spreadsheet, GIS and CAD formats.

We see the above application ideal for anyone having to report on tree hazards, BS5837, TPO’s and tree safety inspections.

Using PocketGIS ARB

It’s a wet and windy day and you’re out surveying, but this time you are armed with a handheld computer with waterproof case and PocketGIS ARB which has already been customised for your client’s requirements with relevant drop-down menu information. By tapping on the screen or using a GPS position features can be recorded in various formats and photos taken. As the report structure is already embedded in the software once the survey has been completed the report is populated ready for review.

In summary PocketGIS ARB is a tailored package customised for the needs of the user and client!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Positioning Resources Ltd and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Institute of Chartered Foresters. 

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