Phytophthora ramorum in Wales – Disease Management Strategy

Phytophthora ramorum in Wales – Disease Management Strategy

The Minister for Natural Resources and Food, has recently launched a new strategy to manage the outbreak of Phytophthora ramorum, a tree disease that has been spreading widely among larch in western Britain and Ireland.

The aim of the strategy has is to manage the spread of the fungus-like organism, and minimise its impact on larch trees and the wider Welsh environment. The P ramorum management strategy is one of a series being developed by the Welsh Government’s Tree Health Steering Group to combat tree pests and diseases in Wales.

The P ramorum strategy sets out the background of the disease and the current level of infection in Wales along with the approach that will be taken to ensure that the environmental and economic impacts of the disease are minimised. It also looks at the reasons for establishing a P ramorum strategy for wales, and identifies areas where additional funding may be necessary.

Tree Health Strategy

The Disease Management Strategy comes in tandem with the Welsh government’s recent publication of its Tree Health Strategy. Their aim is to: ‘Preserve the health and vitality of trees and woodlands in Wales through strategies which exclude, detect, and respond to, existing and new pests and pathogens of trees, whether of native or exotic origin. Take proactive measures to reduce the impact of pests and diseases on trees and woodlands in Wales.’

For more information visit the Welsh Government’s website.

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