Members vote to introduce technical membership

Due to changes in education taking place in the UK, and the increased number of those joining the profession with vocational qualifications, members voted at the AGM to introduce a new class of membership – Technical member. This class of membership will not be chartered and will carry the post-nominals TechICFor.

Our research in 2020 explored the demand for this new membership class and the overwhelming feedback was that there was a need for professionalisation of the workforce at a technical level which would open up membership to skilled foresters, raise its reputation and influence within the sector, other industries and the general public, and address the gap in skills and professional development.

As members have approved these changes to our Bylaws, the Institute’s Professional & Educational Standards committee will now work through a process of determining standards, entry levels and competencies for technical membership. This will be done working with many of our current members and employers to make sure we get it right.

We have created a factsheet on technical membership with the key points members should be aware of.

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