Case study: Lacey Rose PF

The Institute’s Marketing Manager, Hester McQueen, interviewed Lacey Rose PF for 2019 International Women’s Day to highlight women excelling in our profession. Help us encourage people to join our profession and make it more diverse by joining the #ILookLikeAForester campaign. Find out how you can get involved >>

Lacey Rose, Professional Forester, Renfrew County, Ontario

Lacey will be presenting at our National Conference, ‘The UK’s Role in Global Forestry: Past, Present and Future’ on 10–11 April 2019 (#ICFGlobalForestry)

What can professional organisations like the ICF do to attract a more diverse workforce?

Telling stories of the diverse members in the ICF and what they do. Someone may have counted themselves out of the sector, or not even know it’s an option, and then seen someone – just like them – doing their dream job.

How can we support women in arboriculture and forestry?

Everyone has the potential to be equally capable at doing a job. There are sometimes hurdles to overcome, such as historical gender role biases, lack of mentorship, and balancing work and family. Look at your company’s hiring practices, mentor women in whom you see potential and offer a flexible work environment when necessary.

What do you love most about your job?

I love being outside and I get satisfaction from the long-term thinking of forest management. But what I love most about my job is the people: the loggers, the family-owned mills and all the other forest folks out there. It’s amazing to be surrounded by people who have so much pride in their work and so much care for the forest.

Why choose forestry?

I chose it because the programme I enrolled in (BScF at the University of New Brunswick in Canada) was advertising a 95% employment rate post-graduation. That’s still true! Also, we get paid to be outside in beautiful places – many people pay to have similar experiences.


Women across the profession will be posting images on social media of themselves on International Women’s Day to illustrate their work and the inspiring role they play. Follow the conversation #ILookLikeAForester