Tracy Clarke MICFor, Tracy Clarke Tree Consultancy

How has chartered status helped your career?

Being chartered demonstrates my credibility to others and has really given me the confidence to build a business of my own. Chartered status improves the professional image of my business, which is important, especially when trying to win work, it helps to stand out from the crowd. Chartered status demonstrates that you are at the top of your profession and very committed to the work you do.

How does being a member of the Institute help you do your job better?

I have broadened my personal and professional network and I love the opportunities that ICF membership provides me and my business. The national and regional events, literature and social media interactions from the Institute help with my CPD and are often varied in subject area and a great way to meet new people and learn new things that I can apply to my job.

Why is the Institute of Chartered Foresters membership important to you?

It has strengthened my links to the wider industry relating to trees. It has given me the opportunity to meet a range of professionals, and it is a source of alternative information, allowing me to be more creative in the work I do.

What motivated you to become chartered?

When I am in a room with a project team, perhaps on a large development project, where there is a chartered architect, chartered surveyor, and chartered engineer, it is important to me to be able to influence the project.  Being chartered means I can be on an equal footing when providing my input on trees and their design requirements.

Why do you choose the Institute of Chartered Foresters?

Since my student days, I have always viewed the Institute of Chartered Foresters as a very professional organisation, and one which I wanted to get involved with. The fact that it offers the arboriculturist a route to being chartered specifically relevant to their profession is so attractive to me, it makes complete sense to support the organisation through membership.

What is the best thing you’ve done through your ICF membership?

I was really delighted and feel privileged to have been elected as a member of the Institute’s Council, and for almost the past four years I have learnt so much about the inner workings of the organisation, I have had a huge opportunity to influence the support of arboriculture by the Institute. From this experience, it is very clear to me the deeply seated drive to promote professionalism in all that the Institute does. Very admirable.