Miriam Hill MICFor, South Cambridgeshire District Council

How has chartered status helped your career?

For me, being chartered summarises all my ‘non-standard’ educational achievements and professional experience in a simple format.

How does being a member of the Institute help you do your job better?

Keeping up-to-date on the latest industry developments through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is invaluable to me, especially those which have crossover into other professions such as town planning and landscape architecture. It’s helpful to meet likeminded professionals from different parts of the country to share experiences and consider a different point of view or approach.

Why is the Institute of Chartered Forester’s membership important to you?

I work as a lone Tree Officer and it is very easy to feel disconnected from the industry. Membership brings regular news pertinent to my work and varied training events expand my knowledge and horizons. The Institute challenges me to ensure I don’t become complacent.

What motivated you to become chartered?

Becoming chartered was the perfect option for me, allowing me to freshen up my CV and gain a further award without committing to a course. I also found the process of the structured assessment interesting as the emphasis was on the work I did through self-examination and introspective analysis.

Why do you choose the Institute of Chartered Foresters?

The Institute feels very vibrant and inclusive of professionals from all areas and levels of the industry. This freshness gives a more rounded outlook to current issues and progressive attitude to the future. I believe this approach is more akin to my own attitudes and values.

What is the best thing you’ve done through your ICF membership?

Overall, I have looked outwards more and considered what I do, how and why in greater detail. I really enjoyed speaking at the 2018 Professional Membership Entry (PME) workshop in London and meeting all the new applicants.


If you’d like to join the Institute, please visit Join Us to submit your application or contact the ICF team who can provide you with guidance and support on your route to chartered status.