Elton Watson MICFor, Wrexham County Borough Council

How has chartered status helped your career?

There is a plethora of post-nominal titles within the Arboricultural profession, but as far as I am concerned MICFor stands out from the rest and is widely recognised and understood as a benchmark for expertise and professionalism. Although I’ve only recently achieved chartered status, I strongly believe that having chartered status will help make my future career ambitions achievable.

How does being a member of the Institute help you do your job better?

The National Tree Officers Conference is one example of Continuing Professional Development available, another would be the Trees, People and the Built Environment Conferences, attending these events has improved my knowledge and given me new ideas and perspectives on a range of issues that are relevant to my work. The process of becoming chartered helped me focus on the importance of maintaining high standards and following the Institute’s code of conduct helps me provide a high-quality service.

Why is the Institute of Chartered Forester’s membership important to you?

I think being a member shows my commitment to professionalism, best practice and provides me with opportunities to develop.

What motivated you to become chartered?

Being aware of the Institute since my student days, it’s something I’d aspired to for a while and I finally felt confident enough to start the process. I thought that becoming chartered would be of benefit in my current role and my future career. I’d say that the process of becoming chartered has had a very positive impact on my professional development.

Why do you choose the Institute of Chartered Foresters?

The Institute is unique in that it represents arboriculture and forestry. Although I am primarily involved in arboriculture, I maintain a strong interest in forestry and believe that the two allied professions have the ability to be a force of good for the environment and society, particularly if they work together and are practised to high standards. When you whittle both of them down to the core, you find the same things, trees, woodlands, and people.

What is the best thing you’ve done through your ICF membership?

Being invited to take part in a presentation at the 2018 National Tree Officers Conference is a fantastic opportunity to share an experience. Being a member has given me access to a much wider professional network and will be an important part of my future professional development.


If you’d like to join the Institute, please visit Join Us to submit your application or contact the ICF team who can provide you with guidance and support on your route to chartered status.