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Routes to ICF Professional Membership

Professional membership of ICF confers chartered status (Chartered Forester or Chartered Arboriculturist) and allows use of the post-nominals MICFor. There are two routes to chartership, Professional Membership Entry (PME) and Assessed Professional Competence (APC).

Professional Membership Entry (PME)

PME is the standard route of entry to ICF Professional Membership. In this case you would join as an Associate member and embark on a period of structured assessment. This is a four-step exam process:

1.       Two-year work record demonstrating competency

2.      A career profile (CV)

3.      Written submission (3000 – 3500 word Critical Analysis)

4.      Professional Interview

Associates must have a minimum of 2 years’ management or supervisory experience in order to progress to chartered status, but they may have many more, depending on their experience level. ICF Associates have up to 10 years to complete PME, but it is recommended that you embark on this process as soon as possible after joining, to start seeing the benefits of chartered status.

To find out more about requirements for joining as an Associate member, please see our Membership Journey Planner or download our information guide:

ICF Associate Membership Information Guide

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Assessed Professional Competence (APC)

APC is not the standard route of entry and is reserved for senior professionals in forestry and arboriculture only. Candidates must show that they have at least 15 years’ experience in the sector, with a minimum of 5 years’ experience at a senior level. They must also demonstrate having influence that extends outside their normal day-to-day working environment.

APC Guidance Notes

APC Application Form


If you have been an ICF member in the past, having resigned or let your membership lapse, and wish to be reinstated, please read our Guide for Reinstatement.

Already Hold Professional Status in the EU?

Further advice and information for individuals who hold professional status outside of the UK is available by contacting ICF directly.