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Woodland Creation Officer

About the Company

Job Information

  • Region

    South East England

  • Location

    South East & London

  • Salary

    £31,973 - £34,650

  • Date Posted


  • Closing Date

    Closing Soon 18/09/2022

Job description

Never has there been a more important time for trees and forests to help tackle the climate emergency and provide a much-needed sanctuary for people and wildlife. Our Prime Minister and our government are committed to creating 30,000 hectares of woodland a year across the UK, of which 7,500 ha per year are anticipated to be in England, by the end of this Parliament. This acceleration in current planting rates in England will contribute to meeting the net-zero by 2050 ambitions, and to government’s wider environmental targets.

This was supported by the announcement in the 2021 budget of £640m for a new Nature for Climate Fund ‘to support natural habitats like woodland and peat’ and the publication of the England Tree Action Plan.

The Department for the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Forestry Commission have set up a joint tree planting programme for England to support the forestry sector, landowners and communities in the delivery of these ambitions.

Forestry Commission will lead the delivery of the following parts of the tree planting programme:-

• Developing sector capacity.
• Woodland creation on public land.
• Woodland creation on private land.
• Engagement.

If you are passionate about the role of trees, woods and forestry in creating a better future for England, and want to play a key part in realising that, we want to hear from you.

By joining the Forestry Commission, you will become part of a team of passionate, committed colleagues, and be able to build on a wealth of expertise to take this ambitious work forward. You will be able to make your mark by helping the Forestry Commission to revolutionise how we work together and reach new stakeholders.

Our staff engagement levels are consistently well above the Civil Service average and staff turnover is well below. We value our people, we look after them, and we will look after you. We hope you will join us for the challenge.

Job description

The Woodland Creation Officer role represents Forest Services front-line woodlands and forestry expertise. It involves ensuring the delivery of Government forestry policy through the effective use of advice and incentives. The role provides an important interface between Forest Services and landowners and forestry agents, promoting, advising on, and helping to facilitate a diverse range of woodland creation proposals.

The post-holders will be expected to focus on woodland creation. They will advocate the benefits of woodland creation and proactively communicate with and advise landowners and investors considering woodland creation. The post-holders will also understand and advise on the regulatory aspects of individual woodland creation applications where required.

The post-holders will operate as part of the Area Delivery Teams, and also have close working links to the national Incentives Development team and the Promotion and Engagement workforce. They will also work closely with the national Policy and Advice team (PAt) to ensure that proposals meet the requirements of the UK Forestry Standard. Regular travel across the FS Delivery Area and occasional overnight stays will be required.

These Woodland Creation Officer posts will cover:-

• Kent, East Sussex and eastern Surrey; and will be based form our Bedgebury office AND

• Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, West Sussex western Surrey and parts of Berkshire; and will be based from our Bucks Horn Oak office.

If you live within that area then you have the opportunity to work in a blended manner directly from your home, once you have become fully established in the role.

New WCO’s are expected to attend your substantive office 2 to 3 days per week to allow you to learn the role from managers and colleagues.

When fully established we would expect you to spend 1-2 days per week in that office. If your home lies outwith your work area you will be expected to travel to your work area or office in your own time and cost.


Providing front line advice on woodland creation:-

• Engaging and enthusing landowners on how new woodland can deliver their aspirations while also delivering multifunctional benefits to the environment, society and the economy.

• Advising on funding options: grants, carbon funding, nitrate offsetting and sponsorship.

• Explaining the requirements of the UK Forestry Standard (UKFS)’s woodland design and planning requirements.

• Working as part of the wider Area teams to proactively identify and engage with landowners/agents with an interest in woodland creation.

• Supporting landowners and forestry agents in identifying consultees, sources of information and relevant contacts to facilitate the preparation of high quality UKFS compliant woodland creation design plans.

• Liaison with relevant stakeholders ( including tenants, Non Government Organisations , Government organisations) to ensure plans take into account relevant views and issues.

• Administration of woodland creation proposals and grant scheme applications.

• Acting as the point of contact for Woodland Creation Planning Grant applications and Woodland Carbon Fund applications.

• Liaising with Area teams and colleagues in the Incentives Development Team over the processing of grants.

• Advising the Incentives Development Manager and Admin Officer when applications are complete or need further input from either applicants or PAt colleagues.

• Responding to queries on applications.

• Liaising with statutory consultees and Defra-group colleagues over proposals, as appropriate. Playing an active role in the Area team.

• Engaging as part of the Area team in routine activities and discussions including health and safety, team meetings, vision and culture and business change and improvement.

• Communicating and sharing lessons learned and good practice on woodland creation proposals.

• Leading and supporting local targeted initiatives aimed at promoting woodland creation opportunities.

• Developing and managing good working relationships with advisers and stakeholders.

• Cultivating relationships with advisers and consultees, specifically encouraging and facilitating proposals being shared and discussed as early as possible with relevant stakeholders.

• Presenting Government’s forestry policy clearly.

• Requesting support from National Office and Area team colleagues as required.

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