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Interview with Co-Founder of Women In Wood, Lacey Rose RPF

Lacey Rose RPF

Speaker Day 2: Inspiring the Next Generation

The Institute interviews Lacey Rose RPF as she prepares to address the Institute’s forthcoming National Conference: The UK’s Role in Global Forestry.

Tell us about your presentation?

My presentation, through telling the story of my career path so far, will highlight the important role that mentors, colleagues – and our own selves – play in advancing the next generation of our sector. I’ll also talk about Women in Wood and the results the group has seen since building a community in 2015.

Why is your presentation important for our conference?

The demographics of the forest industry in Canada and elsewhere are startling. We’re already seeing a major shortage of qualified workers as baby boomers retire. If the forest is to be left in capable hands, actions must be taken by those currently working to ensure people know that forestry is an option, and that those interested are given the help they need to succeed. Every person has the ability to make an impact on these issues.

What role would you like your country to play in global forestry?

I feel that generally, forest practitioners are so busy with their day to day, that we tend to operate in silos, unaware of what’s happening in other countries. I have often wondered, while trying to solve a seemingly impossible problem, such as “how can we save beech trees from beech bark disease?” – can we find a way to more effectively share our experiences across borders?

How did you get into forestry?

I grew up in very Northern Canada, where there was no forest sector. Although I grew up literally in the woods, I knew nothing about the managing of forests. If it wasn’t for a very kind biology professor who asked “have you considered going to school for forestry?”, I wouldn’t be here today.


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