Institute contributes to new report on forestry skills and education

Finding Forestry: Creating a space that enables growth, communication and connection for the forestry sector in the UK


In response to the ongoing skills crisis in the sector, Inverness College (University of the Highlands and Islands) recently published the report, Finding Forestry, as part of a scoping study to explore a new UK forestry learning mechanism. As a report partner, the Institute’s Education and Outreach Officer, Dr Rob Hawkins, contributed to the development of Finding Forestry, alongside Lantra and the Forestry Commission England.

The sector has an unprecedented window of opportunity to raise the profile of the sector and to highlight the diverse careers available. The report overwhelmingly calls for decisive and considered action in progressing a cross-border forestry education and learning initiative to tackle the skills crisis, ultimately supporting the recruitment and training of more professional forestry workers.

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