ICF 2018 National Conference Chair Chris Hamill explains the aims of the conference

ICF 2018 National Conference Chair, ICF Associate member Chris Hamill.

We often think of change as an absolute process, however it is more like a constant evolution. Occasionally we experience huge leaps, where that change is obvious (for example the introduction of the chainsaw), still it is mostly incremental and can only be appreciated when reviewing longer periods of time. Amid the fourth industrial revolution, the rate of change can at sometimes be overwhelming, but we should also be excited by the opportunities that it presents.

At this year’s ICF National Conference: Innovation for Change, we will explore the nature of change and innovation, as well as how this might affect our industry in the future. We know that in the information age, data runs almost every aspect of our daily lives. It is how we use this data that matters.

How quickly will fully autonomous machinery be a part of the daily life of a forester?

How efficient might we be in producing valuable products from our forests?

In an increasingly networked landscape, real-time information will be passed from consumers, to mills, to the harvesting machine, to ensure that demand driven product is cut.

We can be certain that new and exciting innovations will be part our future. How well we adapt to those innovations, and how they are incorporated into our daily lives, could be directly related to our success as an industry, both nationally and internationally.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Conference, where we have an outstanding assortment of internationally renowned speakers to present on some key topics.

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