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Grow with ICF

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Grow Your Career with ICF

The Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF) is the only body to award the Chartered Forester and Chartered Arboriculturist statuses. Our commitment to excellence in forestry and arboriculture is reflected in our support for members, services to the public and advice to professionals in other sectors. As an ICF member you can expect:

Increased Knowledge

Membership of the UK’s leading professional body for forestry and arboriculture gives you access to an unrivalled knowledge-base. We offer world-class events, networking and online resources, letting you broaden your skill set and keep pace with developments in this fast-moving sector.

Increased Credibility

Royal chartered status is an international badge of excellence. It brings with it cross-industry recognition of your professional standards.

Financial Reward

Industry research shows that chartered professionals earn more over their lifetime than their unchartered colleagues. With the competitive advantage of chartered status comes more clients, increased revenue and faster career progression.

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