Grey Squirrel Management Handbook Published

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A comprehensive guide to grey squirrel control, The Grey Squirrel Management Handbook, has been published by the European Squirrel Initiative.

Written by Charles Dutton FICFor, an ICF Fellow who has worked in grey squirrel research and management for over 30 years, this practical new handbook has been designed for use in the field.

The book reviews and compares methods of control of grey squirrels, how to identify trees damaged by grey squirrels and where you might expect to find damage in the woods. It provides information on equipment needed, where to get the equipment and how to use it including a guide to current legislation.

“Over the years tree growers have followed guidelines on control but many of them have told me they simply don’t work, this book addresses that failing,” said Charles Dutton FICFor.

“One of the main reasons for controlling grey squirrels in the UK, apart from protecting remaining populations of red squirrels, is to grow broad-leaved trees. At the moment, grey squirrel destruction of these trees is so great, we simply cannot grow them,” he added.

To help understand what can and does go wrong with grey squirrel control, the handbook includes case studies from three estates which have carried out long term control. It looks at existing methods of control but also the wider environmental issues, silviculture, and the growing of trees that squirrels do not strip bark from such as Cherry, Ash and Lime.

The book is available from the European Squirrel Initiative, at £15 plus £5 postage and packaging.

grey squirrel handbook order form

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