The Future of Forestry at the University of Aberdeen

The Future of Forestry at the University of Aberdeen

Following recent reports of the closure of Forestry courses at the University of Aberdeen, the Director of Teaching has issued the following statement to clarify their position.

Many of you will have seen reports that the University of Aberdeen is considering changes to its Forestry programmes. I’d like to clarify what we are doing and why, and ask you for your continued support as we work to deliver graduates who are motivated and qualified to work in the forestry sector.

As is the case for many HE institutions delivering forestry programmes, the number of students applying to our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes is relatively low, and has been declining for a number of years. However, we deliver a number of related environmental management programmes that have a broader appeal. We are looking at how we can restructure our Forestry provision to embed it within these programmes such that we can deliver a sustainable and attractive diversity of courses under a new title. This restructuring exercise is an opportunity for us to revitalise and refocus our curriculum such that it addresses the priorities of graduates and employers. We recognize that we must change but remain committed to the provision of Forestry at Aberdeen at a level that enables our students to achieve accreditation at industry recognized standards.

Our staff and students benefit from tremendous support from all corners of the Forestry sector and we look forward to continuing to engage with the sector in a positive and forward-looking way. Our curriculum development is supported by an employer liaison group that meets annually. I would be delighted to hear from anyone with an interest in joining that group.

Michelle Pinard, Director of Teaching
School of Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen

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