FSC Stakeholder Consultation Carried Out by Soil Association

FSC Stakeholder Consultation Carried Out by Soil Association

Stakeholder Consultation for 2nd annual surveillance (S2) of forest management practices carried out by The Crown Estate.

This consultation covers all forest areas managed by The Crown Estate, however, the S2 surveillance visit planned for 13th August 2012 will include audit inspections at the following four sites:

  • Patshull, Shropshire, England (GR: SJ 800 010)
  • Glenlivet, Moray, Scotland (GR: NJ 170 250)
  • Whitehill, Lothian, Scotland (GR: NT 288 617)
  • Tabley, Dumfries, Scotland (GR: SJ 719 774)

Woodmark, the Soil Association’s forest certification programme is accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to evaluate forest management against the FSC’s internationally recognised set of principles and criteria for responsible forest management.

These principles and criteria provide a definition of socially beneficial, environmentally appropriate and economically viable forestry which aim to encourage responsible forest management. Forests that meet the standard can then promote their products with the FSC Logo which can be seen on wood and paper products on greetings cards, in DIY stores and supermarkets.

It would very much like to hear your views on this particular forest management project. In addition it welcomes your comments on the Forest Management Standard that it will be using during the assessment and how these apply to the region of this forest. For this evaluation we will be using the FSC National Standard for the United Kingdom (UK Woodland Assurance Standard v3.1; 2012). A copy of this standard is available through: http://ukwas.org.uk/the-standard/notices-to-users

Please submit comments using the attached questionnaire by Friday 3rd August 2012 if they are to be taken into account in the forthcoming evaluation of the Crown Estate. All comments remain anonymous though a summary of the main issues raised by consultees and how they are addressed will be presented in the certification report. The final report can be accessed at info.fsc.org once the evaluation is complete.

You may also submit comments to the FSC National Initiative in your country who can be emailed: info@fsc-uk.org

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