Forest Research publishes Resilient Implementation Framework

Forest Research have published a Resilience Implementation Framework to provide a structured way to think about resilience and identify management actions.

The Resilience Implementation Framework provides a way to achieve a common understanding and identify potential actions for a specific set of circumstances. It is designed to be applicable in different contexts by providing a step by step way to think about resilience and plan at different levels, whether strategic, tactical or operational.

Working through the Framework can help bring fresh ideas and reach common understandings and so advice is provided for those seeking to facilitate such discussions. The Framework, which was developed with support from Defra’s Future Proofing Plant Health programme, is specifically targeted at resilience for trees, woodlands and forests but the steps can also be applied to organisations or larger landscape settings.

The Resilience Implementation Framework is available online and to download as a PDF. Templates which provide guiding questions for each step are also available to download.

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