Woodland Carbon Code and Guarantee Training Session (North Scotland)

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Want to have a more in-depth look at the Woodland Carbon Code and Guarantee?

Hosted by the Institute and presented by Dr Vicky West, Woodland Carbon Code Manager at Scottish Forestry, this session will look at developments to the carbon market in the UK and the opportunities this presents for landowners and agents in Scotland.

For wider interest we will also give an overview of a new mechanism in England, the Woodland Carbon Guarantee, for which a second auction is scheduled for 8-19 June 2020.

This is an opportune time to get to grips with the Woodland Carbon Code if you are an agent or landowner with potential woodland creation projects in the pipeline.

Chaired by: John Risby FICFor – Conservator, Highlands and Islands, Scottish Forestry

Speaker: Dr Vicky West – Woodland Carbon Code Manager, Scottish Forestry

We will discuss:

  • The carbon market in the UK
  • The Woodland Carbon Code
  • The application process for the Code
  • Take a tour of the documents required, and the UK Woodland Carbon Registry
  • The basics of the Woodland Carbon Guarantee – the new mechanism in England

Pre-event reading:

Below are the links to all the information and documents required to register with the Code and the Guarantee. Feel free to ‘have a go’ with a project you are familiar with – We can try to answer any specific questions on the webinar.

Woodland Carbon Code: www.woodlandcarboncode.org.uk

Woodland Carbon Guarantee: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/woodland-carbon-guarantee

Woodland Carbon Code Template Documents are all in one page here:




14.00 Intro to WCC

  • Carbon markets
  • The standard (WCC), buyers, agents and landowners involved

14.20 Intro to Woodland Carbon Guarantee (mechanism in England)

  • Overview of Guarantee/ Purpose
  • First and second auctions

14.40 WCC Application Process and Registration

  • Overview
  • Carbon calculations & map – walkthrough / demonstration

15.00 WCC Validation

  • Overview
  • Additionality & the PDD – walkthrough / demonstration

15:20 WCC – Verification

  • Overview
  • Monitoring requirements and Progress Report – walkthrough / demonstration

15.40 Any further questions

16.00 Close