Tree Health Day (POSTPONED)


This event has been postponed until later in the year and will be confirmed at a later date.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

We are pleased to present the first Tree Health Day event in collaboration with the Arboricultural Association focussing on tree pests and diseases.

This event will provide you with the latest updates on key pests and diseases as well as information on how to manage, recognise and prepare biosecurity best practices for your organisation.

If you’re a tree professional, this event will help you to spot potential hazards and enable you to pass that information on to the relevant authorities. Tree Health Day is also valuable for those with a keen interest in ecology and want to broaden their knowledge on biosecurity.

Date: 31st March 2020

Venue: Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, Gloucestershire


09:00 – 09:30 Coffee and registration
09:30-09:45 Welcome – Jointly presented by the Arboricultural Association and the ICF
09:45-10:10 Ana Perez – Chestnut blight:  Managing and minimising the spread of Cryphonectria parasitica
10:10-10:35 John Parker – Canker stain of plane, a biosecurity mentoring model
10:35-11:00 Nicola Cannon – Biosecurity in agriculture
11:00-11:30 Coffee
11:30-11:55 Jon Banks – The Bartlett laboratory
11:55-12:20 Greg Packman – Massaria disease of plane
12:20-12:45 Jim McConkie and David Abrahams – Managing pests and diseases at the Longleat Estate
12:45-13:00 Summary and close of indoor part of the day – Jointly presented by the Arboricultural Association and the ICF
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 OPM spraying demonstration


Ana  Perez-Sierra

Head of Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory Service, Forest Research

Sweet chestnut blight was first identified in the UK in 2011 in Warwickshire. Recently, as part of ongoing surveillance activity by Forestry Commission and APHA, new outbreak sites have been detected in London, Buckinghamshire, Derbyshire, West Sussex, Devon and Cornwall, and infection appears to have re-emerged on several sites previously subject to statutory destruction measures. Surveillance is ongoing at new and historic sites to determine the extent of the disease, with a view to removing infected trees where possible.

John  Parker

Technical Director, The Arboricultural Association

John has more than ten years of experience in public sector tree management and from 2012-2019 was a member of the Executive Committee of the London Tree Officers Association, which he Chaired in 2016-18, and until 2019 was a Director of the National Association of Tree Officers.

Dr Nicola Cannon

Associate Professor in Agriculture, Royal Agricultural University

Nicola Cannon is a dedicated educator and researcher.  As an agronomist she understands the challenges of arable cropping systems and the complex issues that impact on yield and quality of crops.  Nicola has a strong appreciation of the current research needs of the agricultural community and also the challenges of adoption by having a strong agricultural background and professional understanding.

Jon Banks

Research Laboratory Manager, Bartlett Tree Experts

Jon Banks is a researcher for the Bartlett Tree Expert Company Ltd. He has been involved in Bartlett research and diagnostics at the University of Reading since 2010. He recently completed his PhD assessing drought and variation in drought tolerance within the Acer genus. His role now includes managing the Bartlett research and diagnostic laboratory; keeping Bartlett representatives informed and updated of recent developments in tree pests and diseases, management and maintenance.

Greg  Packman

Senior Tree Inspector, London Borough of Islington

Greg has an unparalleled experience into the management, identification and development of Massaria having undertaken at least 40,000 ground-based inspections during his previous role as Arboricultural Officer at The Royal Parks.

Jim  McConkie

Head Forester, Longleat

David  Abrahams

Arboricultural Supervisor, Longleat

Jim and David will be talking about the pests and diseases challenges they face in their work at the Longleat estate, from both a forestry and landscape park perspective.


Tickets are £50 per person. Limited places available.


Please note that this event has been postponed until later in the year TBC.