#TPBE4 – Sustainable Integrated Infrastructure

Join us for this pre-#TPBE4 webinar as we continue the discussions around our urban environments and how we collaborate for the future benefit of the people who use them. This will take place on Thursday 21 January from 11AM until 12PM.

A Moving Experience – how inspired vision, collaborative working and a truly integrated approach to infrastructure delivery enabled a rail improvement project to secure sustainable green infrastructure in central Gothenburg.

The ever-increasing demands on our urban space call for increasingly innovative design and engineering solutions. Recent developments in the supporting principles and technologies provide increased potential to integrate grey, blue and green infrastructure and thereby fully utilise our limited urban space and ensure compatible longevity of its elements.

This webinar takes a Gothenburg rail improvement project as a case study and analyses its strategic approach, project planning and integral components, considering the ingredients required to successfully deliver sustainable green infrastructure on the back and to the benefit of, broader infrastructure projects.

Having identified the threat posed by this project to some 500 urban trees, Gothenburg city council recognised the opportunity to work with the Swedish Transport Administration and to secure a green infrastructure budget to not only plant new trees and create a new park, but to also facilitate one of the largest tree transplanting projects in Europe, moving some 300 established urban trees to a temporary nursery until they can be reinstated in the city on completion of the rail project. This high profile project included moving three mature trees in the city centre, capturing the attention of both local and national press, creating an opportunity to promote natural capital benefits of urban trees to the public at large.

The session will demonstrate the integral role that collaborative working plays in the success of such projects, with multi-discipline, multi-national teams working together to ensure the full potential is realised. It will also consider how such delivery mechanisms might be better utilised here in the UK and what changes might have to be made in order to do so.


Martin Gammie MICFor

Having been dedicated to a career in the forestry, landscape and arboricultural professions for over 30 years, Martin has attained a wealth of experience from his work in both the public and private sectors of these disciplines, in the UK and overseas. Martin’s current role is as Director of Consulting with Trees Ltd, specialising in the integration of green infrastructure within in the built environment. Martin is a Chartered Forester and Fellow of the Arboricultural Association.


Örjan Stål

Örjan trained as a landscape engineer at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). His career spans more than 27 years and includes positions in both academic research and private industry, where he has become renowned for finding innovative practical solutions to enable compatibility between trees and other urban infrastructure. His current roles include part-time researcher at the SLU, whilst also providing independent consultancy advice through his company VIÖS; ‘Vegetation and Infrastructures Örjan Stål’. Örjan actively participates on several expert groups specialising in the field of trees and urban infrastructure, throughout the European Union.


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