Introduction to Continuous Cover Canopy for Managers

This November, learn the basic principles of continuous cover forestry at a one-day workshop run jointly between the Institute of Chartered Foresters and Focus on Forestry First.

Workshop Overview

Bryn Arau Duon is a 680 hectare commercial plantation that has been under transformation to continuous cover forestry (CCF) for 21 years. It provides a unique demonstration of the transformation process in upland spruce in Wales. Two forest inventories using the Irregular Silviculture Network (ISN) inventory protocols have been completed enabling the identification of Stand Development Types and the development of a CCF Transformation Index as part of a UAV study in monitoring continuous cover forests.

The course will provide a basic introduction to the principles of CCF and of the application of those principles from first thinning to selective felling and to structural development. The stages of transformation will be illustrated by stand development types and by identifying the different components of an irregular stand. The dendrological and the economic aspects of transformation will be covered.

The course will be led by Phil Morgan FICFor, one of the leading practitioners of CCF.

Participants will be required to bring their own hard hat and high visibility clothing. People will double up in cars at the NT Dolaucothi car park in Pumsaint to avoid congestion in the forest. Phyto-sanitary measures will be taken.


Programme will be announced soon.

Who should attend

  • Forest Managers

How to book

You can book this event on Focus on Forestry First’s website at

For further details, contact Louise Simpson, Development Director, Institute of Chartered Foresters.


Tea, coffee, biscuits, and lunch will be provided.

Point of contact

If you have any issues booking this event please contact our Development Director, Louise Simpson.

Cost (booking fee)

These events are only available to people living and working in Wales as they are heavily subsidised by the Welsh Government.

  • FFF member £10
  • Non-FFF member £20 (must be Welsh resident working within Trees & Timber sector)

November 19, 2019
09:00 - 16:30

Dolaucothi Arms Hotel ,
Pumsaint ,
Llanwrda SA19 8UW

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