ICF Members’ Hour – The Dublin Mountains Makeover

Join us for #MembersHour on 21 January with host Karen Woods, Operations Manager (Land Solutions) from Coillte.

Session Overview

Karen will be presenting Coillte Nature’s Dublin Mountains Makeover project which she is currently leading on. Coillte Nature is the non-profit branch of Coillte launched in June 2019, that is dedicated to delivering real impact on the climate and biodiversity crises through innovative projects of scale. Their aims are to create, restore, regenerate and rehabilitate biodiverse habitats across Ireland, to manage those habitats for ecological and recreational value in perpetuity and, in doing so, to maximise the ecosystem services they provide.

During the hour, you’ll hear about:

  • Coillte and Coillte Nature
  • The Dublin Mountains
  • Dublin Mountains Makeover including forest management approaches, species diversity and focus on native woodlands
  • Work completed in Year 1 (2020)
  • Dublin Mountains Makeover Communications
  • Recreation Vision
About the Speaker

Karen earned her bachelor degree in forestry (B.Agr.Sc. (For)) from University College Dublin and later completed a M.Sc. (Forestry) in University of British Colombia, Vancouver. Karen spent a year working in forestry in New Zealand before starting with work as a forester with Coillte, the Irish semi-state forestry company. Karen has worked with Coillte for 15 years in a variety of roles – forest manager in Kildare and Laois, Recreation Manager, Timber Sales Manager, Resource Team Lead for BAU4 and now Operations Manager with Coillte Nature.

Karen was the first Recreation Manager with the Dublin Mountains Partnership when it was established in 2008 – a dream role where she got to combine her love of sport with the development of forests and building a recreation infrastructure for the people of Dublin. Karen was part of the project team to win the Coillte Chairman’s Award in 2015 for a project revolutionising the way Coillte sold its timber to the sawmill sector.  This year as the Coillte Nature project lead, the team launched the highly successful and exciting Dublin Mountains Makeover.

Karen has a keen interest in Continuous Cover Forestry and is a committee member with Pro Silva Ireland and is a technical member of Society of Irish Foresters. Karen has represented Ireland in road cycling and triathlon.  She is married with four children and lives in Dublin and while not competing in sport is still very active, running, mountain biking, swimming and hiking.

Who Should Attend?

This event is exclusively for members of the Institute.

Taking place on Zoom, this presentation will be followed by an interactive Q&A session.

This #MembersHour will take place on Thursday 21 January between 11am and 12pm. You can also join in the chat on Twitter #MembersHour.

If there’s a subject you’d like to discuss, or potentially host, in a future #MembersHour session then please let us know via icf@charteredforesters.org.